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Latin Vocab. XXXVII

Caput Capitis N Head
Clamor Clamoris M Shout
Corpus Corporis N Body
Flumen Fluminis N River
Tempus Temporis N Time
Claudo Claudere, Clausi, Clausus, to close
Jacio Jacere, Jeci, Jactus, to throw
Vivo Vivere, Vixi, Vixtus, to live
Misnomer Wrong name
Ignominy Public shame
Nomenculture Terms comprising a set
Mellifluous Sweet sounding
Superfluous Unnecessary
Corporal Pertaining to the body
Fluoroscope Instrument for viewing x-rays
Temporal Pertaining to time
Extemporaneous Without preperation
Occlude To shut
Abject Extremely bad
Project To put forth
Inclusion The act of closing in
Recluse Individual living in solitary
Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces
Cloture Procedure to end a debate
Victual Food
Vivacious Lively
Deus ex machina God from the machine
Tabula Rasa Blank slate
Created by: archergirl