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Final Exam - bases


ac(u), acr sharp
cap, cip, capt, cept to take; to seize
cred, credit to believe; to trust
cur(r), curse, course to run; to go
de, div a god
nunci, nounce to announce
plen full
press to press
scrib, script to write
solv, solut to loosen; free
son sound
vor to devour
culp blame; fault
eval ages
fa; fat to speak
fort strong
grat grateful; pleasing
later side
mesn, mest month
minor, minus, minut small; smaller
prob, prov good; to test
sed, sid, se, sess, siege to sit; to settle
tract, treat to drag; to draw
ven, vent to come
alien of another
celer swift
cumb, cub to lie down
fix to fix; to fasten
frange, fringe, fract to break
herb grass; herb
medi middle
pecuni money
sati(s) enough
sec, seg, sect to cut
vir poison
volv, volum, volut to roll
carn flesh
mon, monit to warn, to advise
mov, mot, mob to move
oc eye
ord, ordin order
per(l), pulse to drive; to push
propri one's own; fitting
sal, sil, salt, sult, sail to leap
sci to know
terr land
trit, tri to rub; to wear
viv, vit to live
agog, agogue to lead
arch(e), archa(e) ancient; first, rule
cosm universe; order; beauty
dem people
heli sun
hom, home same; regular
log, logy, logue speech; word study; reasoning; argument
mania passion for
mim to imitate
phon sound; voice
tom(e) to cut
typ stamp; model
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