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Latin vocab for animal names

cervus -i m deer
cetus-i m whale
canis canis m/f dog
bubo, bubonis m owl
serpens, serpentis m/f snake
simia -ae f monkey
vacca -ae f cow
sus, suis/porcus -i m pig
caper, capri m billy goat
avis avis f bird
testudo, testudinis f turtle
leo, leonis m lion
aquila -ae f eagle
vulpes, vulpis f fox
mus, muris m/f mouse
ovis, ovis f sheep
lupus -i m male wolf
ursus -i m bear
aries, arietis m ram
equus -i m horse
anas, anatis f duck
cuniculus -i m rabbit
feles, felis f cat
taurus -i m bull
sciurus -i m squirrel
agnus -i m lamb
pullus -i m chicken
elephantus -i m elephant
capella -ae f nanny goat
bos, bovis m ox
reno, renonis m reindeer
rana -ae f frog
apis, apis f bee
gallus -i m rooster
lupa -ae f she-wolf
ursa -ae f female bear
gallopavo, gallopavonis m turkey
asinus -i m donkey
anser, anseris m goose
Created by: magistra