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First 15 master verb

Principal parts of 15 Latin Verbs

Latin verbtranslation
paro I prepare
paravi I have prepared
parare to prepare
paratus having been prepared
moveo I move
movēre to move
movi I have moved
motus having been moved
cogito I think
cogitare to think
cogitavi I have thought
cogitatus having been thought
vidi I have seen
vidēre to see
video I see
mitto I send
mittere to send
misi I have sent
missus having been sent
visus having been seen
venio I come
audivi I have heard
audio I hear
audire to hear
habeo I have
habēre to have
habui I have had
habitus having been had
iubeo I order
iubēre to order
iussi I have ordered
iussus having been ordered
veni I have come
venire to come
venturus going to come/about to come
auditus having been heard
pono I place
ponere to put
posui I have put
positus having been placed
dico I say
dicere to say
dixi I have said
dictus having been said
iacio I throw
iacere to throw
ieci I have thrown
iactus having been thrown
facio I make
facere to do
feci I have made
factus having been done
capio I take
capere to take
cepi I have taken
captus having been taken
dormio I sleep
dormire to sleep
dormivi I have slept
dormiturus going to sleep/about to sleep
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