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Latin Exam 1

me, myself
níhil nothing
nōn not
saépe often
ámō to love, like
cógitō to think, ponder
débeō to owe
to give
érrō to make a mistake
láudō to praise
moneo to advise
salveo to save
salve hello
servo to preserve, save
conservo to preserve (a strong form)
terreo to frighten
valeo to be strong
video to see
voco to call
festino make haste
lente slowly
pecco to sin
volo to fly
bis twice
cito quickly
hodie today
fama fame, reputation
forma shape, beauty
fortuna luck
ira anger
nauta sailor
patria homeland
pecunia money
poena penalty
poeta poet
porta gate
puella girl
rosa rose
sententia feeling, thought
vita life
antiquus old fashioned, ancient
magnus great, large
meus my
multus many, much
tuus your
sed but
sine without
est is
ager field
agricola farmer
amicus friend
femina female, woman
filia daughter
filius son
numerus number
populus the people, population
puer boy
sapientia wisdom
vir men
avarus greedy
pauci usually
de down from
semper always
habeo to have
satio satisfy
basium kiss
bellum war
consilium plan, purpose
cura care, attention
donum gift, present
exitium destruction
magister schoolmaster, teacher
mora delay
oculus eye
officium duty, service
otium leisure
periculum danger, risk
remedium cure, remedy
bellus pretty, handsome
bonus good, kind
humanus human, pertaining to man
malus bad, wicked
parvus small
stultus foolish
verus true, real
iuvo to help, aid
sum to be
adulescentia youth
animus soul, spirit
caelum heaven
culpa fault, blame
gloria glory, fame
verbum word
te you
liber free
noster our, ours
pulcher beautiful/handsome
sanus sound, healthy
igitur therefore
-ne a suffix attached to the sentence's subject that introduces a question whose answer is uncertain
propter on account of
cras tomorrow
heri yesterday
quando when
si quando if ever
satis indeed
tum then
ceno to dine
culpo to blame
maneo to remain
supero to be above
aper boar, pig
quid what