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Themes of Biology

first honors biology test

Cellular Structure characteristic of a living thing
Require Energy use energy
Metabolism eat, breathe, excrete waste
Reproduction generate offspring
Respond to Stimuli respond to things in their external environment
Homeostasis maintain a relatively controlled internal environment
Growth and Development get bigger, more complex, or develops in some way
Heredity based on inheritance
Adaptation adjust over time due to mutation and natural selection which improves survival
Evolution process of how different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed
Interdependence (define Ecology) mutual dependence between things
Observations noting and perceiving objects or events using the senses
Ask Questions do research and speak to other scientists on questions from observations
Forming a Hypothesis educated guess based on what is already known
Experiment planned procedure to test a hypothesis
Controlled Experiment Set Up running two test. Experimental treatment, and control group
Experimental Treatment the experiment that receives the change in order to prove hypothesis
Control Group experiment set up to be identical to the way it is usually run
Independent Variable variable that is changed by the scientist
Dependent Variable variable measured by the scientist
What is the importance of the control? to make sure that if someone were to replicate the experiment they would get the same results
Conclusion uses experimental data to show that it supports the hypothesis
Theory unites and explains many different scientific observations
Can a theory ever change? yes with furture data and information
independent axis x axis
dependent axis y axis
pie graph percentages
line graph changes over time
bar graph compare quantities or amounts
distance meters
weight grams
volume liters
KHDUDCM to micro king Henry died unfortunately drinking chocolate milk
Making Predictions the expected outcome assuming the hypothesis is correct
test tube to make solutions
dissecting needles poking or investigating tissue
dissecting pin hold back organism skin
Created by: edenbreslauer