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Heart & BVs

Health Assessment Exam 3

S1 Lubb sound
S2 Dubb
S3 A/w heart failure
S4 A/w stiff heart r/t aging
Murmurs Blowing/Swooshing Sound
Pericordium Area on anterior chest overlying heat and bv
Mediastium Middle 1/3 of thoracic cage, occupied by heart and great vessels
Pericardium Double walled sac surrounding heart
Endocardium Innermost layer, lining chambers of heart
Myocardium Thick muscular wall
Endocardium Innermost layer lining inner heart chambers and covers heart valves & small muscles that open & close valves
Septum Separates right and left heart
Valves Prevent backflow of blood
Chrodae tendinae Anchor valves to papillary muscles embedded in ventricle floor
Atrioventricular Valves Mitral and Tricuspid
Systole AV close (pumping phase) SLV open
Diastole AV open (filling phase) SLV close
Semilunar Valves Aortic and Pulmonic
Pulmonary Congestion Lack of valves btwn pulmonary vein and left atrium & high LV pressure
JVD and Abdominal Distention Lack of valves btwn vena cava and right atrium & high pressure in venous system
Diastole BP lowest point & atria pressure greater
Pre-Systole Atrial kick; accounts for 25% of stroke volume
Stroke Volume Amount of blood ejected with each beat
Systole Ventricular pressure greater
SA Node Intrinsic rhythm pacemaker for heart
Bradycardia <60 bpm
Embolism Construction of artery by blood clot or foreign matter
Thrombosis Presence of clot within a bv or heart cavities
Thrill Palpable vibration resulting from murmur or disruption in vascular blood flow
Created by: TedMed