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Chest and Lungs

Health Assessment Exam 3

Right Bronchus Wide, shorter, and more vertically placed
Accessory Respiratory Muscles Sternonucleiomastoid and Trapezius
Oblique Fissure Divides upper lower lobes
Horizontal Figure Divides upper and middle @ 5th and 4th rib
Costal Margin Formed by costal margins at sternum
Diaphragm Dominant respiratory muscle
Bacterial Respiratory Infection Mucous is yellow, green with possibly blood
Viral Respiratory Infection Clear mucous
Chronic Respiratory Infection Mucous is blood streaked, yellow, green, and/or clear
Carcinoma Slight, persistent, intermittent, and blood streaked
Tuberculosis Large amount of blood "rusty"
Pneumonia Infection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs
Pneumothorax Accumulation of air/gas in pleural space (trachea shift)
Pulmonary Embolus One or more arteries block by clot in lungs
Pericardial Tamponade Type of effusion in which fluid, pus, blood, or gas accumulates in sac enclosing heart
Kussmaul Rapid, deep, labored breathing
Cheyne-Stokes Varying periods of increasing depth interspersed with apnea
Ataxic Significant disorganization with irregular/varying depths of respirations
Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea (PND) Suddenly wakes at night with SOB and can't lie down
Stridor High pitched wheezing, gasping sounds
Strider Sounds A/W obstruction (nasal flaring, audible w/o steth)
Clubbing Results from prolonged hypoxic
Pectus Excavatum "Funnel Chest" depression of lower sternum
Funnel Chest A/W poor posture (pot-belly or sunken chest)
Pectus Carinatum 'Pigeon Chest" sternum displaced anteriorly
Traumatic Flail Chest Section of ribs fractured (one side moves in and other moves out)
Bronchophony Greater clarity and increased loudness of spoken sounds (test w/ 99)
Ecophony Increased nasal quality (E's become A's)
Whispered Pectriloquy Whispers heard w/ steth (a/w consolidation)
Dullness Lung fluid or solid filled
Pneumonia/Tumor Dullness indicates
Hyperresonant Lungs overinflated
Emphysema/Asthma Hyperresonancy indicates
Pneumothorax Unliateralness indicates
Tracheal Bronchial Heard only over trachea; harsh sounds
Vesicular sounds Low pitched
Bronchiovesicular Sounds Medium Pitched (not present under 2yrs)
Crackles(Rales) High pitched sounds r/t air in small airways pasting through fluid/secretions
Wheezes Musical sounding note r/t air being forced through obstructed airway (r/t tumors, mucous, asthma)
Rhonchi Sonorous wheezes or low coarse sounds that clear with coughing r/t secretions in large airways
Friction Rub Dry, grating sound during inspiration & expiration r/t pleurisy
Crackles Heard down low (in lung periphery so louder on inhalation)
Rhonchi Head up high
Tactile Frennitus Vibration intensity on chest wall
Pneumonia Effects Bronchophony, increased tactile frennitus, crackles, and dullness
Atelectasis Incomplete expansion of lung (congenital)
Consolidation Solidification of part of lung into firm, dense mass
Emphysema Accumulation of air in tissue or organs
Pleurisy Inflammation r/t pneumonia
Pleural Cavity Serous membranes covering lungs and lung cavity
Fine crackles High pitched, heard during end of inspiration
Medium crackles Lower, more moist sound during mid inspiration
Coarse crackles Loud, bubbly noise during inspiration
Sweet Breath Diabetes/starvation
Fishy/Ammonia Breath Renal dysfunction
Foul Breath GI, nasal/sinus infection, lung abscess
Cinnamon Breath TB
Ataxic or Biots Poison or head injury
COPD Expiration longer than inspiration
Pleural dysfunction A/w laughing&coughing, sharp pain, "pressure", relieved by holding breath
Exhalation End Most effective cough
Smoking history/Sinus Drainage Crackles clear after cough
Created by: TedMed