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GSCI 3308

test 2 review

Beginning of sentenceend.
Several techniques for investigations allow students multiple opportunities to grasp a concept.
The cotyledon has food stored in it. (see diagram in chapter 7)
Net force is determined by subtracting opposite forces or adding like forces.
Field trips should be connected to and enhance the topic the class is studying.
If an object's density is less than one it will float in water.
An example of potential energy is a raised golf club.
dog : fur :: fish: scales
Text books in elementary science have positive and negative aspects. (know some of these)
Oobleck would be good to teach the TEK that states “The student knows that matter has physical properties.”
Sublimation is a change of state.
Species is the classification of animals that is the most specific.
Fossils are best formed when bones are protected long enough to be replaced with minerals.
Integrating science experiences means teaching science while students are involved with other subject areas.
A science learning center Should be planned around a purpose and can be used to conduct individual research
Created by: Kgentsch