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receptus retreat - m receptum, recepti,recepto, recepto
proficisor set out, leave, DEP proficisci, profectus
coepi perfectum! began coepisse
comporto collect, convey, carry comportare, comortavi, comportatum
arx citadel - f arcis
praecludo praecludere, praeclusi, praeclusum shut down.
sumo sumere, sumpsi, sumpstum exact (punishment)
profugio profugere, profugi
finitimus adj neighbouring
polliceor DEP polliceri, pollicitus to promise
exigo exigere, exagi, exactum demend
gestus paticiple perfect passiv - gerro
gerro gerere, gessi, gesum carry, wear
contendo contendere, contendi, contentum eager, rush,fight,argue
incido incidi, incidere, incasum fall, attack, happend
coniungo coniungere, coniunxi, coniunctum marry, join, yoke, unite, tie
propero properare, propeavi, properatum hurry,
intermitto intermittere, intermisi, intemissum stop, sieze
paene ADV almost, barley
proicio proicere, proieci, proiectum throw (project?)
complures many people FM
metor DEP metari, mattus to measure, to mark
perterritus passive participle perterro
perterreo perterrere, perterrui, perterritum
quicumque whoever, whatever. cuiuscumque quaecumque, quodcumque.
praecipio praecipere, praecepi, praeceptum anticipat, take an advance, order
pono ponere, posui, positum ordain, put, lay down
tutus tuta, tutum safe
castellum casle, fort F
hiemo hiemare, hiemavi, hiematum pass the winter
pellis pellis - F fur