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Step 3

data based on UW, Kaplan Q bank, book etc

Gastroparesis in DM symptoms post-prandial fullness, hypoglycemia, sweating, dizziness, constipation
Gastroparesin in DM RX metoclopramide, erythromycin
Drugs that lead to hypercalcemia thiazides, lithium
Calcium greater than 12 or symptoms NSS IV 3-6 l in 24 h, furosemide if necessary
Hungry bones syndrome hypocalcemia post op removal of parathyroid adenoma
Sarcoidosis increase in vit D levels
Familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia low 24 h urine calcium
Chronic thyroiditis (Hashimoto) antimicrosomal antibodies
Drugs that lead to hypothyroidism lithium, ASA
Large nodule (cold) in multinodular goiter (hot) FNA; if follicular elements
Psammoma bodies papillary carcinoma of thyroid
Thyroid cancer types papillary, follicular (hematogenic spread), anaplastic, medullary (MEN); painful, low uptake, increased ESR
Graves disease Rx bring the patient to euthyroid stae, then: radioactive iodine, steroids for ophtalmopathy
Plummer disease long-standing multinodular goiters that become thyrotoxic later
Thyroiditis low 24 h radioactive iodine uptake
Graves disease Dx increased thyroid, "hot", proptosis, positive TSH Ig
Nitroblue tetrazolium test chronic granulomatous disease; tets phagocyte fuction, oxidative burst
Cellular deficiency disease fatal infections after receiving live viral vaccines (MMR, varicella)
Ab deficiency disease encapsulated organisms, sino
Phagocytic deficiency disease recurrent abcesses, lymphadenitis, periodontal infections, Gram negatives, catalase positives, e.g. CGD, Ch├ędiak-Higashi
20. Complement deficiency dis C2-C4: autoimmune dis; terminal: Neisseria; C3: encapsulated, unusual strains
Severe combined immunodeficiency first year of life, decrease in T and B cells
Ig A deficiency MC primary immune deficiency, major anaphylatic reaction to blood products
X-linked hypogammaglobulinemia Rx IV Ig; defect in tyrosine kinase
X-linked lymphoproliferative disease catastrophic after EBV infection
Chronic granulomatous disease decreased intracelular and fungal killing; S. aureus, Aspergillus; Rx: prophylatic antibiotics (TMP/SMX, doxycycline), interferon gamma; vaccinate: Haemophilus, Pneumoccocus, Neisseria, viral vaccines
T-cell deficiency Rx bone marrow transplant
Transfusion in cellular deficient patient irradiated, leukodepleted, virus free product
C3 deficiency increased number of pyogenic infections
Properidin and C5 deficiency increased Neisseria infections
C1 inhibitor deficiency hereditary angioedema
Decay accelerating factor deficiency paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Clomiphene citrate use ovulation induction (for patients with good estrogen production, such as in OPCD)
Pregnancy increase in alkaline phosphatase does not indicate disease necessarily, may be normal finding
Primary hypothyroidism may lead to increase in pituitary, amenorrhea, galactorrhea
Meconium ileus suspicion barium enema
Cystic fibrosis tests sweat test, nasal potential testing
Hepatitis B mother breastfeed is OK!
Graves in pregnancy Rx propylthiouracil
Cocaine use in pregnancy placental abruption
Clue cells bacterial vaginosis; Rx
Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy third trimester
RF for ectopic pregnancy age, PID, salpingitis, more than 3 pregnancies
Testicular feminization dysfunction or absence of testosterone receptors; patient is XY, normal breast development, scant pubic and axilar hair, blind vagina, undescendent testicles, may be felt on the groin.
fever greater than 38 C in less than 4 m.o. admission, IV antibiotics, full evaluation, multiple cultures
Pyloric stenosis non-bilious emesis, midepigastric olive: Dx
MCC of jaundice in pregnancy viral hepatitis
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