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The Cay Review

Questions to review for final Cay test

Where does the story take place in the beginning? Curacao
Who is Phillip? the protagonist (main character)
Where did Phillip and Henrik like to play? Fort Amsterdam
What kind of job does Phillip's dad have that brought them to Curacao? works at an oil refinery
What arrived during the night? German submarines
Where is Phillip and his family originally from? Virginia
What kind of weapons does Curacao have to fight the Germans? None
What nationality is Henrik, and lot of other people on Curacao? Dutch
When the ships are not coming to Curacao, what are they in danger of running out of? Fresh water, food, and gasoline
What happened on the island that caused Phillip's mom to say they were definitely leaving? The SS Empire Tern got torpedoed.
Why couldn't Phillip stay with his dad on the island? His dad was too busy and couldn't watch him.
Who does Phillip blame when he wakes up on the raft with Timothy? his mother
Where is Timothy from? St. Thomas
How long does Timothy say they will probably be on the cay? 2-3 days
What fun did Timothy say he had as a young boy? dressing up for the carnival
What happened the 7th night they were there? it rained
Why were they glad it started raining? it filled up their keg, and rinsed them off
What idea did Timothy have to "talk to the man in the sky"? write HELP in the sand
What lesson does Phillip learn when he asked Timothy about not liking black people? that we are all the same inside.
When Timothy got a really high fever, what did he never really regain after that? his strength
What does Phillip feel like "protected him from fear"? being blind
Why did Phillip want to swim down into the reef, when Timothy told him not to? to get lobster
What things can Phillip hear that tells you how much sharper his hearing has become? the cries of different birds, Stew cat walking, the rustle of lizards
What happened near the end that caused Phillip to break down and sob? two airplanes passed him by
Phillip thought he heard thunder, but it was really what? explosions of some kind
What was the only thing Phillip wanted off the cay? Timothy's knife
How many operations does Phillip need and what is the outcome of those operations? 3 operations; he can see again
Why do you think Phillip says that Henrik is very young now? Phillip has matured a great bit since being on the cay.
What happened with Phillip's family when the war ended? They moved back to Virginia because his father's job was finished.
What does Phillip eventually hope to do? Explore the Devil's Mouth, find the cay, and stand next to Timothy's grave.
Created by: keely.amos
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