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emesis Vomit
emia blood
endo inside;within
erythro red
ck check
cm centimeter
co2 carbon dioxide
CPR Resuscitation;cardiopulmonary
esophag esophagus
esthesi feeling
ex out from
CS central supply
CVA Cerebrovascular accidents;stroke
d Day
D/C/disc/dc/d/c discontinued/discharged
del delivery
cyt(e)(o) cell
derm(a)(o)(at) pertaining to the skin
dextr(o) right,to the right
dors(I)(o) back
c Celsius or degree,Centigrade
c or w/ with
c/o,co complains of
CA Cancer
CAT computerized Axial Tomography
dys difficult,painfull,Bad
ecto Outside
ectomy surgical removal
edema Swelling
Cath,cath,cath. Catheter
CBC complete blood count
cc cubic centimeter
CCU cornarary care unit.
CDC centers for disease controll
chir(o) hand
Circum Around
Coccus Round
col(o) colon,large intestine
av average
Ax,ax axillary ,armpit
b.i.d,bid,BID twice a day
B/P,bp blood pressure
CO(n) with,togethor
crani(o) skull
Cyan blue
CYST(o)(I) bladder,bag,Sac
Bl Wk Blood Work
bld,BI blood
bm,BM,B.M bowel movement
BR,br Bedrest
BRP bath room privledges
bi(s) twice,double,both
brachi arm
brady Slow
Carcin Cancer
ADL Activities of Daily Living
adn admission
am,AM morning
AMA American medical association,against medical advice
amb ambulate,walk
Cardio(o) Heart
Cephal(o) head
cerebr(o) brain
cerv(ic) neck
amt amount
ANA American nurses association
ant anterior
Approx aproxemently
ab away from
a,an without,not
ad to,toward
a,ac,ic pertaining to
' foot,minute
" inch,second
(R) or rt right
(L)or lft left
# pound or number
algia pain
ante before
anti against
arter(io) artery
less than
> greater than
ac,a.c. before meals
abd abdomen,abdominal
ad lib as desired
Created by: haleigh_madison