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Circulation System

Junior Cert Science

Ainmnigh 3 rud an t-iompar fola timpeall an choirp Name 3 things the blood transport around the body Glúcós, ocsaigin agus dé-ocsaíd charbóin Glucose, Oxygen and Carbon dioxide
Cad é an t-ainm atá ar an gcóras ina bhfuil fuil, artairí, féitheacha, ribeadáin agus an croí What is the name of the system that consists of blood, arteries, veins, capillaries and the heart Córas Imsruthaithe Circulation System
Cad a ghlaonn tú ar an leacht uisceach a dhéanann suas 50% d'fhuil What do you call the watery liquid that makes up 50% of blood Plasma
Ainmnigh na trí chinéal cealla fola Name the three types of blood cells Dearg, Bán agus pláitín Red, white and platelets
Cén cille fola ina bhfuil ceimiceán dearg ar a dtugtar haemaglóibinWhich blood cell contains a red chemical called haemoglobin Cille fola dearga Red blood cell
Cad é feidhm na cille fola dearga What is the function of the red blood cell Ocsaigin a iompar Carry oxygen
Cad é feidhm na cille fola bána What is the function of the white blood cell Cosain i gcoinne galair Protect against disease
Cad é feidhm na bpláitíní What is the function of the platelets Téachtadh fola Blood clotting
Cad é feidhm na fola What is the function of the blood Substaintí iompair Transport substances
Ainmnigh na trí chineál soithigh fola Name the three types of blood vessels Artaire, Vein, Ribeach Artery, Vein, Capillary
Cén áit a dtógann artairí fuil Where do arteries take blood Amach ó chroí Away from heart
Cá háit a dtógann féitheacha fuil Where do veins take blood Ar ais go dtí an croí Back to the heart
Cén cineál árthaigh a bhfuil ballaí matán tiubha acu, lumen cúng agus gan chomhlaí Which type of vessel have thick muscle walls, a narrow lumen and no valves Artairí Arteries
Cén cineál árthaigh a bhfuil ballaí tanaí matáin acu, lumen leathan agus comhlaí Which type of vessel have thin muscle walls, a wide lumen and have valves Féithe Veins
Cén cineál soithigh fola a bhfuil cillbhallaí aige nach bhfuil ach aon chillín tiubh ann Which type of blood vessel have cell walls that are only one cell thick Ribeadáin Capillaries
Cén cineál matáin atá déanta as an gcroí What type of muscle is the heart made of Matán cairdiach Cardiac muscle
Ainmnigh na seoimrín atá ar bharr an chroí Name the chambers that are at top of the heart Aitriam Dheis agus Chlé Right and Left Atrium
Ainmnigh na seoimrín atá ag bun an chroí Name the chambers that are at bottom of the heart Meadailín dheis agus chlé Right and Left Ventricle
Cén soitheach fola a iompraíonn an fhuil ón gcorp go croí What blood vessel carries the blood from the body to the heart Vena cava
Cá bhfágann fuil nuair a fhágann sé an t-aitriam dheis Where does blood travel when it leaves the right atrium Meadailín dheis Right ventricle
Cá háit a dtéann an fhuil nuair a fhágann sí an meadailín dhies Where does blood go when it leaves the right ventricle Artaire scamhógach Pulmonary artery
Cad é ainm an tsoithigh a iompraíonn fuil ar ais go dtí an croí What is the name of the vessel that carries blood back to the heart Féith scamhógach Pulmonary vein
Cá dtéann an fhéith scamhógach isteach sa chroí Where does the pulmonary vein enter the heart Aitriam chlé Left atrium
Nuair a fhágann fuil an aitriam ar chlé cá dtéann sé When blood leaves the left atrium where does it go Meadailín chlé
Fágann fuil an croí tríd cén soitheach Blood leaves the heart through which vessel Aorta
Cén fáth a bhfuil balla de thaobh na láimhe clé níos tanaí ná an taobh deas Why is wall of left side ventricle thicker than right side Caithfidh sé fuil a phumpáil timpeall an choirp It has to pump blood around the body
Cén struchtúr atá i láthair i bhféitheacha a choisceann sreabhadh na fola What structure is present in veins that prevents backflow of blood Comhlaí Valves
Conas is féidir cosc ​​a chur ar ghalar croí How can heart disease be prevented Cleachtadh agus aiste bia sláintiúil Exercise and healthy diet
Cad is é gnáthráta an croí What is a normal heartbeat rate 70 beats per minute
Cad é gnáth teocht an choirp What is normal body temperature 37C
Created by: Teacher Amrein