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Biofuels Liquid, solid, or gaseous energy sources created from organic materials that come from renewable sources
Ethanol Production A clean burning form of alcohol produced through the fermentation and distillation of grains (corn is most widely used)
Biodiesel Made by mixing oils and fats from plant and animal sources with diesel fuel
Diesel Engines Most modern engines can be converted to run on biodiesel
Biomass large amounts of organic waste products
Methane Largest component of natural gas
fossil fuels the two most obvious examples are coal and petroleum
nonrenewable energy form of energy
enzymes a substance that causes a chemical reaction
mash a slurry of material
fermentation a process in which simple sugars are broken down into cellular energy
distillation the process in which liquid is heated until it is converts to a vapor
stillage intended product and material left
catalyst substance that is added to a mixture in order to accelerate a chemical reaction without destroying the added substance itself
carbon cycle an important function of the earth, where plants use carbon dioxide and sunlight to produce energy and grow in a process called photosynthesis
lagoon a large lined pool where liquefied manure is stored in order to keeping it from seeping into the ground and contaminating the groundwater.
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