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Queen- 1

Form 5 Set A

Name the 4 members of Queen? Freddy Mercury (vocals piano) Brian May ( lead guitar, vocals) Roger Taylor (drums, vocals) John Deacon (bass guitar)
What album is 'Bohemain Rhapsody' taken from? ' A night at the opera' (1975)
What does the title mean? Bohemian-unconventional lifestyle, Rhapsody- a piece of indefinite form. This song does not use the standard pop song structure, ie verse chorus etc, it features a variety of contrasting sections.
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for the intro? slow rock, b flat maj( G min) acapella vocals, 4/4 and 5/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for verse 1? ballad, B flat maj- E flat, vocals, pno, bass, drums, 4/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for verse 2? ballad, B flat maj- E flat, vocals, no, bass, drums and elec guitar, 4/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for guitar interlude? rock, e flat major, guitar solo, overdubbed guitars, drums, pno, bass, 4/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for operatic section? operatic, a major- A flat - E flat, vocals, no, drums, 4/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for rock section ? heavy rock, e flat major, guitar, bass and drums, 12/8 and 4/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for recap? rock, e flat major, guitar, backing vocals, 4/4
State the style, key, instrumentation and time sig for coda? Slow rock, e flat major-f major, pno, bass, guitar, gong, 4/4
Define multitracking? Rec Technique- when we record different instrument on a piece at different times, layered over each other- fuller texture (overdubbing)
Panning? Different instrumental sounds/voices coming from different speakers.
Flanging? Manipuating and alternating the sound waves on a tape by slowing the sound of the tape down, puts sound waves out of sync with each other.
Distortion? Overloading a speaker ( natural sound waves disrupted), A guitar chord can be disrupted by using distortion pedal or playing guitar close to speaker- feedback-harsh/grating sound
Bouncing? Mixing 2 or more previously recorded tracks on to an empty track
Reverberation/ Reverb? A recording technique that creates an echo effect.
Bending? Playing a note and bending the string- raises the pitch of the note
Vibrato? Player moves their finger to make the pitch change slightly.
Glissando? Slide between notes
Power chords? Guitar plays the root and 5th but no 3rd
Riff? A short musical figure like an obstinato (think of the white stripes) or a series of chords which are used as a basis for solo improv. Emphasis usually on rhythm
Lick? A short elaborate solo guitar passage which can be used to link two main sections of a piece, eg 47-54 to link main song and operatic section.
What is backbeat drumming? Standard drumming pattern, bass drum on 1+3, snare on 2+4, high hat plays continually on quaver beats.
Give some examples of Queens musical style? Large vocal harmonies, chromaticism, descending bass line, repeated notes, broken chords on piano, recurring motifs, fusion of classical/rock/ballad.
How are the vocals arranged in the intro? Acappela, 4 part harmony, multi tracked -John deacon did not sing :(
Name some rhythmic features of intro? Syncopation, quaver mvt, changing time sig
Name some melodic features of intro? repeated notes, descending 3rd, chromatic mvt
Describe accomp features used in intro? broken chords on piano, sustained 8ves in lh,
Name an example of word painting in intro? flanged crash cymbal- Any way the wind blows.
Name a recording technique used in intro? multitracking, panning.
What cadence does intro end in? Perfect cadence in key of B flat ( know chords used)
What chord progression used in intro? 6-2-5-1 (B flat/Gminor- C7-F7-Bflat
Created by: goneill
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