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NCS sp Bellringer

Spanish bell ringer quiz

This important historical figure led the fight for independence from Spain for several countries of South America. One of those countries was named after him. Who was he? Simon Bolivar
This famous actor wanted to be a pro soccer player until an injury sidelined him. He starred in films like Spy Kids and The Mask of Zorro. Who is he and where is he from? Antonio Banderas from Spain
What is the name of a small musical group that walks around serenading others with a violen, a guitarillo, a guitar, and a trumpet ? Mariachi band
The second largest city in Mexico is famous as the home of the mariachis and for murals by the painter Orozco. What is the name of the city and its state? Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
In 2009 president Barak Obama appointed this person to be the first Hispanic justice of the Supreme Court in U.S. History. Who is she? Sonia Sotomayer
In 1993, a former mayor of San Antonio was the first Hispanic appointed to the U.S. Cabinet (by bill Clinton). Who is he and was is his position? Henry Cisneros secretary of house and urban development
One of the worlds most famous artist was born in Spain. A famous work of his is called Guernica, which pictures the destruction of a town in northern Spain during their civil Civil War. Who was he and where would you find Guernica today? Pablo Picaso, Madrid
Spain was ruled by a dictator from 1939 until he died in 1975, at which time the monarchy was restored, and Juan Carlos became king. Who was this dictator? Francisco Franco
Who is known as the king of Latin pop and is also one of the worlds most successful mainstream singers where is he from? Enrique Iglesias from Spain
A South American river that flows from Peru through Brazil is 4,000'miles long and 6 miles wide at some points. Over 200 rivers flow into it. What is it and which river if any is longer? The Amazon
Created by: Lbarone3