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Ulysses Vocabulary 1

Ulysses Vocabulary Cards Section 1

Incola Native
Insidiae Ambush
Mora Division of army
Natura Nature
Poeta Poet
Prudentia Wisdom, good sense
Bellum War
Dolus Trick, fraud
Gaudium Joy, delight
Hospitium Inn, guest room
Remus Oar
Tergum Back, rear
Vesper Evening
Vicus Street, row of houses
Cupiditas Desire, ambition
Domus Home
Opus Need, work
Profectio Departure
Virtus Courage, bravery
Cursus Career, voyage, race
Patria Home
Passus Step, pace
Portus Port, harbor
Formosus Beautiful, fair
Idoneus Having money, qualified
Nonnulllus Considerable
Oblitus Forgetful
Conor To try
Excogito To invest, devise
Ardeo To be on fire
Doceo To teach, show
Maneo To continue, stay
Obsideo To besiege
Vereor To dread, fear
Consisto To be unaltered, established
Contendo To compare, to make taut
Defero To carry, bear
Expono To abandon
Tollo To destroy
Veho To bear, carry
Reperio To discover, learn
Satis constat It is quite, enough is known
Persuadeo To persuade
Resistere To resist, drive off
Imperare To order, command
Created by: 18barkea