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health assessment

health assessment in order 1-interview:sub 2-Nursing health history:Sub 3-Complete Physical exam:obj a) general survey b)vitalsigns c)skin
nursing health history subjective data: biographic data, present and past health, family history, ROS, ADLs, reson for seeking care, medications
general survey LONPOPFMSH. loc, orientation, nutrition, posture and position, obvios physical deformaties, facial expressions, mood and affect, speech, hygiene/grooming
physical exam technique ippa except adbomen. observe/inspect, palpate, percussion, auscutate. ...head to toe
general survey - loc, orientation loc- alert, drowsy, lethargic, unresponsive ......orientation- person, place, time. do they know where they are
components of a mental status exam appearance, behavior, cognition, thought process & perception
dysphonia, dysarthria, asphasia dysphonia - abnormal pitch. laryngeal disease, sounds hoarse or whipsered. Dysarthria- articulation problems. distorted speech. Asphasia- language comphrhension. expressive- dontknow right words. receptive-unable to know what you are saying.
cognitive function. orientation, attentionspan, memory, recent short term memory, remote/longterm memory, new learning, higher intelectual funstioning. minicog recent /short term memory-24hr diet recall. remote/longterm memory- past event. New Learning- 4 word test
mental status of an aging adult response time is lower, no decrease in general knowledge, recent memory somewhwt decreased, long term memory intact. sensory perception can affect vision and hearing. loss results in disorientation or depression.
delirium a shange in cognition, develops over a shirt perion of time
depression involves mind and body, not a normal part of growing old
dementia impairment of intellectual functioning associated with changes in personality, impaired judgement, and reasoning.
5 A's if alzheimers. anomia, apraxia, agnosia, amnesia, aphasia Anomia-inability to remember names of things.
apraxia misuse of objects
agnosia inability to recognice familiar objects, tastes, sounds
amnesia inability to remember
asphasia inability to express oneself through speech
Created by: julietitus