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Skin assessment

Objective data of skin Color, temp, moist/dry, edema, vascular markings - ecchymosis, skin turger, lesions, scalp, hair, nails
Elderly skin definitions - Senile lentigines, keratosis, Acrochordons liver spots, crusty thickened area of skin, skin tags
aging of the eye loss of elasticity, Turned in margins, refractive changes, Presbyopia - farsightedness, Cataract, Macular Degeneration, decreases response to light, distorted depth perception, arcus senilus - yellow opaqueness around iris
physical assessment of eyelids - ptosis , proptosis, edema, nystagmus ptosis - drooping of eyelid, proptosis - inner protrusion of upper eyelid
physical assessment of pupils, cataracts, dilation, constriction, asymmetrical response dilation- mydriosis . constriction - myosis
PERRLA Pupils equal round reactive light accomodation
Eye tests: Snellen, Jaegar or rosenbaum. polychromatic plates, amslet grid Snellen chart - vision tests. Jaeger chart or Rosenbaum:reading. Polychromatic plates: color. Amslet grid - macular problems
Ear subjective data earaches, infections, dicaharge, hearing loss (presbycusis), envirnment noise, tinnitus, vertigo
Ear objective data size and shape, discharge and pain, skin integrity
hearing/sound testing whispered voice test, tuning fork test
Created by: julietitus