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LOTF Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 The Sound of the Shell D. Their plane is shot down. The plane wreck leaves a scar in the jungle--symbolizing man's destruction on the island. War is going on but the island is isolated from it. Jack is not successful on his first attempt to kill a pig.
Chapter 2 Fire on the Mountain A. Ralph reminds everyone that there are no adults on the island. Several rules are made up. Ralph suggests making a signal fire--using Piggy's glasses. Piggy acts like the adult figure. Jack shows signs of belligerence when he argues with Ralph.
Chapter 3 Huts on the Beach F. Jack is concerned with hunting and Ralph is concerned with building huts. Jack and Ralph are really beginning to fight. Simon helps Ralph with the huts, picks fruit for the littl'uns and climbs onto a mat of creepers to enjoy the tranquility.
Chapter 4 Painted Faces and Long Hair I.Roger shows signs of evil by knocking down sand structures & throwing rocks at a boy.Jack's mask of face-paint represents a cover that he can hide behind, he doesn't understand Ralph's concern with the fire.The dance starts the transition into savagery.
Chapter 5 Beast From Water K.Simon is only one to realize there isn't a beast but a force of evil/ savagery inside all of them that can manifest itself in different ways.Boys are beginning to split into two factions-support Ralph / support Jack.Conflict between them is building up.
Chapter 6 Beast From Air L.The fighter plane being shot down symbolizes the war going on in the real world & links it to the boys/island.Jack suggest they go hunt the beast/parachute-body.They go to Castle Rock for the first time.Jack is intrigued with Castle Rock.
Chapter 7 Shadows and Tall Trees C.The group performs another tribal dance, their acting becomes realistic,actually striking and hurting Robert.Simon reassurance of their rescue strengthens his position as a positive & good character.Ralph joined the pig hunt & dance-his desire to squee
Chapter 8 Gift for the Darkness H. Jack killed mother pig without thinking about future food source.Jack insists the Beast is a major threat and should be hunted.They move the fire to the beach.Simon starts talking to the Pig's head covered in flies hence the name-Lord of the Flies.
Chapter 9 A View to a Death J.Violent storm is raging when Simon wakes up.Jack asks for everyone's loyalty.Simon is beaten to death. The boys are overcome with their savage side.
Chapter 10 The Shell and the Glasses G. Piggy claims Simon's death is an accident. Jack has a boy tied up and beaten for no reason. Jack's face is always painted.The stealing of Piggy's glasses shows a disappearance of order and drifting away from civilization.
Chapter 11 Castle Rock E. Piggy preaches about rules and democracy and is struck by a boulder and killed. The conch is shattered. The last remnants of democracy are gone. Samneric are under Jack's control. Ralph is the only one left with the sense of democracy and goodness.
Chapter 12 Cry of the Hunters B. Samneric are guarding Castle Rock where they try to get Ralph out of his hiding spot. They set the entire area on fire in desperation, that forces Ralph running to the beach where he crashes into a Navel officer who was attracted by the fire.
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