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Quiz one

The professional association dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine. AVMA
Name the three items only a veterinary can do in the office. 1. Diagnose disease 2. Prescribe medication 3. Perform surgery
As an employee, you can discuss your salary, hourly pay, or benefits with other staff members? False
Cross-training provides the skills necessary for you not only to do your job, but to learn other staff member's duties so that you can perform their jobs if needed. True
The ___ manual addresses issues such as attendance, dress code/attire, vacation, sick leave, and codes of conduct personnel manual
The ____ manual contains the "how to" information about daily activities. procedure manual
Medical records legal docs that contain pertinent information on each patient, facilitate rapid retrieval of information about patients, provides for continuity of care
When correcting a mistake in the medical record, you should: a single line should be drawn through and initialed
A medical record should not be destroy and must be legally retained for a period of 7 years
A veterinary practice is required by law to have a ____. It prevents and/or alerts the veterinarian of potential human drug abuse by staff or clients requesting refills frequently. controlled substance logbooks
Health certificates are required for interstate and international transport of an animal. The veterinarian and office practice manager are the only person authorized to sign the certificate. False
The prefix __ means "toward the midline." ad-
The suffix __ means "to surgically remove." -ectomy
The prefix __ means "good, easy, or normal." eu-
The prefix __ means "externally." exo-
The prefix __ means "under." sub-
A prefix meaning elevated is __, while a prefix meaning depressed is __. hyper-; hypo-
The suffix "-logy" means: study
The term that means towards the head is: cranial
The term of nearest the midline or the beginning of a structure is: proximal
A difficult birth is know as: dystocia
An animal that has not been neutered is referred to as: intact
Another term for spay is: ovariohysterectomy
Parrots are in a group of birds called: psittacine
In canines, the act of giving birth is: whelping
-itis inflammation
-therapy treatment
-pathy disease
-ectomy surgically remove
-megaly enlargement
-lysis separation, breakdown
Created by: mbely