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VMT chapter 18

VMT Chp 18 part two

Carnassial tooth large, shearing cheek tooth
Angora type of long fur on cats (and other species)
Brindle mixture of black and other color hair
Domestic longhair cat breed that has long guard hairs (DLH)
Domestic shorthair cat breed that has short guard hairs (DSH)
Tabby feline fur with 2 colors that may be in stripes or spots
Ticked coat fur in which darker colors are found on the tips of each guard hair
Ad libitum feeding/ ad lib feeding/ free choice food available at all times so it can be consumed when the animal wants or how much they want
Allogrooming practice of grooming other members of the same social groups
Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) oversees the animal feed industry and ensures that regulations governing the industry are followed
Bloom sheen of a coat in top condition
Body condition amount of fat on an animal evaluated on a scale (1-10) 1 is too skinny, 5 is perfect, 10 is obese
Cattery place where cats are raised or kept
Champion when a dog is AKC qualifying requirements, Ch becomes part of the dogs name
Choke chain like a noose
Collar fabric, nylon, or leather strap that fits around a dogs neck to provide control
Constitution Physical makeup of an animal
Brush fluffy tail of a long-haired cat
Digest flavoring ingredient in pet foods made from digesting animal tissue with enzymes
Fancier person who is actively involved in breeding purebred dogs and cats
Food hopper food-storing device that drops food into a dish as it is consumed
Gait way an animal moves
Gloves white paws
Guaranteed analysis information on a commercial bag of food that describes the nutrients found in the food
Harness series of straps that fit around the shoulders of a dog to provide control
Head halter nylon piece of equipment that fits around the muzzle and behind the ears of the dog
Kennel facility where dogs are housed
Kneading (cats) repetitive massaging motion of the paws
Leash strap connecting a dogs collar to the handlers hand
Libido sex drive
Limit feeding feeding only a certain amount of food in a given time
Litter pan (box) container filled with an absorbent material in which a cat poops and pees
Mask coloration around the eyes and face of a cat (siamese) or darker color face especially around the eyes in dogs
Natural breed breed developed in nature, not by human selection
Obesity excessive fat accumulation in the body
Pedigreed cat cat registered with the CFA or other breed association
Pet quality animal that shows the characteristics of the breed, but lacks the characteristics to be sold as a show or breeding animal
Points color of nose, ears, tail, and feet of an animal
Ruff hair around the neck that in some breed is brushed up to frame the face
Sex-linked trait inherited trait associated with the sex of the animal
Sexing determining the sex of the young animals by the distance between the anus and genitalia
Sheen shininess or luster
Spraying urination on objects to mark territory
Staunch strong and steady while on point
Stray animal with no home or owner
Stud male animal used for breeding purposes
Temperament / Disposition emotional and mental qualities of an individual
Thorough working every bit of ground and cover
Throwback offspring that shows an ancestor's characteristic that has not appeared in previous generation
Timid showing lack of confidence or shy
Topknot tuft of hair on top of the head
Underfur / undercoat very dense, soft, short hair that is found beneath the longer, coarser guard hairs
Unthrifty not thriving
Vigor healthy growth (high energy)
Wire coat hair coat that has stiff hairs
Created by: mbely