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QA PPT L 1-3

In Microsoft Power Point, where is the command located to undo the last action? Home Ribbon
In the Normal View what is that tab display at the left column of thumbnails? Notes
Travis wants to make sure that his presentation is organized in the best arrangement? Speaker Notes
What command is used to quit the current presentation on screen but leave the Microsoft PowerPoint program Open? Close
Ashley has a limited supply of paper. Which print layout option will minimize the amount of paper used and includes up to nine images per page? Full page side
In preparation for an upcoming presentation, Shanna is importing a document that includes the text into Power Point. Which of the following features should she use? Template
Charles has several slides in this presentation which are either smaller or larger that the paper size in the printer. Print Comments and lnk Markup
What contains a predefined theme, Sample text, and graphics on a slide or slide background to guide you as you develop your content? Placeholder
In slide shorter view, which method is used to change slide order? Drag and drop to new location
Which area in the Print dialog box is used to change the default printer? Printer Status Dropdown
Which term refers to the boxes that hold text or objects on a slide? Placeholder
Created by: Shantelle