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Reading vocab test

Setting The time and place in which a story occurs
Dialogue A conversation between two or more charactes
Plot What happens in a story
Characterization The tools a writer uses to reveal a characters personally
Point of view The perspective from which a story is told
Limerick A five lined humorous poem,with an AABBA rhyme scheme
Genre Categories into which literature is divided
Memoir A written memory
Conflict The main problem or obstacle a character must face
Dialect A form of language spoken in a particular area or by a particular group of people
Theme The underlying lesson learned about life
Dystopia A society in which the living conditions are miserable
Utopia A place of ideal perfection especially in laws,government,and social conditions
Flashback And interruption in the present action to review events that took place at an earlier time
Science-fiction A genre of fiction which is set in the future and employs plausible technological advancements
Antagonist The character who opposes the protagonist and is responsible for the conflict in the story
Created by: Tanyamills