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VMT Chapter 18

Need to know!

Anal glands secretory tissue in the anal
Anal sacs 2 pouches that store oily, smelly fluid secreted by anal glads, found in the skin between internal and external the anal (4o'clock & 8o'clock)
Hepatic lipidosis excess fat accumulation in the liver, cats get it after a period of anorexia
Induces ovulator species that ovulates only as a result go sexual activity (cats, rabbits,ferrets, llamas, camels, minks)
Polydactyly more than the normal number of digits
Calico cats with 3 colors of furs
Mackerel tabby 2 toned feline fur with stripes
Mongrel mixed breed
Purebred member of a recognized breed
Ruddy orange-brown color with ticking of dark brown or black
Self one-color fur
Ticking fur coat that has guard hairs with darker tips mixed in
Tortoiseshell cat fur with 2 colors (orange/black) producing a spotted or blotched pattern
Coprophagy eating poop
Debarking / Devocalization cut the vocal folds to soften dogs bark
Docile tame
Dull lacking shine to coat
Elizabethan collar the cone or E-collar
Euthanasia inducing death (putting to sleep)
Feral wild, not domesticated
Luster shine
Obligate carnivore has to eat meat-basted diet (cats)
Quarantine isolation of animals to determine whether they have or carry a disease
Socialization exposure
Steatitis inflammation of fat from too much oily fish (cats)
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