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Cambridge Latin

Stage 3

in foro in the forum
ecce see, look
pictor painter, artist
ambulat walks
tonsor barber
venalicius slave-dealer
non venit does not come
ad villam to the house
ianuam pulsat knocks on teh door
ad ianuam to the door
aperit opens
vocat calls
ducit leads
picturam pingit paints a picture
magnus big, large
leo lion
ferociter fiercely
petit heads for, attacks
fustem club
tenet is holding
verberat is striking
fortis brave
revenit returns
intente intently
in taberna in the shop
inquit says
occupatus busy
senex old man
in sella in the chair
novaculam razor
barbam tondet is trimming his beard
poeta poet
versum recitat recits a line, recites a verse
ridet laughs, smiles
sed but
scurrilis obscene, dirty
perterritus terrified
secat cuts
multus much
sanguis fluit blood flows
e taberna out of the shop
ad portum to the harbor
navem ship
prope navem near the ship
quaerit searches for, looks for
habet has
contentus satisfied
emit buys
pulchra beautiful
linguam language
discit learns
docta skillful, good at her job
satis enough
eheu alas, oh dear
Syriam Syrian
Latinam Latin
palaestra sports field
Created by: sunflake