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Cambridge Latin

Stage 2

mercator merchant
amicus friend
visitat visits
villam house
salutat greets
pecuniam numerat counts money
argentarius banker
salve hello
respondet replies
quoque also, too
in lecto recumbit reclines on a couch
cantat sings
pavonem peacock
coquit cooks
laetus happy
audit hears, listens to
non est is not
cenam dinner
exspectat waits for
vituperat tells off, curses
portat carries
vinum wine
gustat tastes
optimus very good, excellent
laudat praises
dominus master
ancilla slave-girl
suaviter sweetly
delectat pleases
mox soon
et and
videt sees
cibum consumit eats the food
magnifice magnificently, in style
cenat eats dinner, dines
spectat looks at
laetissimus very happy
paratus ready
Created by: sunflake