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Sun Test

sun test

The sun is a _____. moon, star, planet
The planets orbit the sun - True or False True
The sun is the closest star to Earth - True or False True
Why does the sun look bigger than other stars? The sun looks bigger because it is the closest star to Earth.
Dark, cool spots on the sun's outer layer are called _____. sunspots
What is the sun made of? Gases
What gases is the sun made of? Hydrogen and Helium
________ appear as flares of hot gas shooting out from the Sun's surface. Solar flares
________ is the brightest object in Earth's sky. The sun
The sun is how far away from Earth? 93 million miles
___________ is the center of our solar system? moon, stars, the Sun the Sun
It is safe to look straight at the sun - True or False False
What should people wear to protect themselves from the sun? Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat
The sun gives us __________ and ___________. Light and heat
What would Earth be like without the sun? cold, dark, and no plants, animals, or people could survive
Earth _________ on it's axis. rotates
When Earth faces the sun, we have _________. day
When Earth faces away from the sun, we have __________. night
The Earth takes _______ to make a rotation on its axis. 24 hours
The Earth takes __________ to make an orbit around the sun. 365 days or 1 year
What is a tool used long ago to help tell time? a sundial
The affects changes in our weather. What does it give us? our seasons
When Earth tilts toward the sun, we have what seasons? spring and summer
When Earth tilts away from the sun, we have what seasons? fall and winter
We can see our _______ when the sun is shining behind us. shadow
Created by: Mrs.Crowe