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Lab Rules and Safety

This lab safety equipment is used to put a fire out on NON-Living things. You should have one in your home. Fire Extinguisher
This lab safety tool is used to call the main office or nurse in case of an emergency. Following this, 911 should be called Call Button
This lab safety equipment is used to put out a fire on LIVING things; such as YOU. It is made out of wool, which smothers oxygen's ability to get to the fire. Fire Blanket
This lab safety equipment is used to flush your eyes out of an debris or chemicals that may have gotten in them during a lab experiment. Eye Wash
This is the amount of time that you should flush your eyes out if you get debris or a chemical in them. At least 20 minutes
Where is fire extinguisher located in room 225? The back left corner, next to the door and windows, hanging on the wall
Where is fire blanket located in room 225? The back of the classroom, between the sinks, under the cabinet, in a RED box
Where are the goggles located in room 225? The back right corner of the room, above the sinks, in a white cabinet
Where is the call button located in room 225? Once you come in the room, to the right of the classroom door, under the clock
Where is the eye wash located in room 225? On the back wall, in the center in a yellow bowl
This lab safety tool is used to protect your eyes during lab experiments? Goggles
This lab safety tools is used to protect your body from chemical spills and flames. It will minimize the possibility of your clothing burning to your skin Apron
All students should avoid wearing what type of clothing during a lab? Lose and clothing hanging off, such as sweatshirt strings or long necklaces
What do students with long hair need to remember to do? Tie it back during a lab.
If you get a small cut during a lab, what should you do? Report it to your teacher immediately
If you break a piece of glassware, what should you do? Tell the teacher immediately. Allow the teacher to clean it up and dispose of it in the glass disposal.
What do you always have to read prior to starting a lab experiment? Directions
When cleaning up chemicals, you should always make sure that you do this with them? Dispose of them properly (location and as directed by your teacher)
There is absolutely no ___________________ or _____________________ in the science lab (during a lab) Food or drink
You should always check glassware before using it to see if it is _________________________ cracked, broken, or chipped
Created by: mlugerner