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NUR 303 CH 16

Nose, Mouth, and Throat

Aphthous ulcers "canker sores"; small, painful, round ulcers in the oral mucosa of unknown cause
Buccal pertaining to the cheek
Candidiasis (moniliasis) white, cheesy, curdlike patch on buccal mucosa due to superficial fungal infection
Caries decay in the teeth
Cheilitis red, scaling, shallow, painful fissures at corners of mouth
Choanal atresia closure of nasal cavity due to congenital septum between nasal cavity and pharynx
crypts indentations on surface of tonsils
epistaxis nosebleed, usually from anterior septum
Epulis nontender, fibrous nodule of the gum
Fordyce granules small, isolated, white or yellow papules on oral mucosa
Gingivitis red, swollen gum margins that bleed easily
Herpes simplex "cold sores"; clear vesicles with red base that evolve into pustules, usually at lip-skin junction
Koplik spots small, blue-white spots with red halo over oral mucosa; early sign of measles
Leukoplakia chalky white, thick, raised patch on sides of tongue; precancerous
Malocclusion upper or lower dental arches out of alignment
Papillae rough, bumpy elevations on dorsal surface of tongue
Parotid glands pair of salivary glands in the cheeks in front of the ears
Pharyngitis inflammation of the throat
Plaque soft, whitish debris on teeth
Polyp smooth, pale gray nodules in the nasal cavity due to chronic allergic rhinitis
Rhinitis red, swollen inflammation of nasal mucosa
Thrush oral candidiasis in the newborn
Turbinate one of 3 bony projection into nasal cavity
Uvula free projection hanging down from the middle of the soft palate
Created by: katelynreid