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cylakes Geo Latin Am

cylakes geo latin Am vocab

a savannah that has flat terrain and moderate rainfall which make is suitable for farming Cerrados
large, grassy, treeless area of South America Llanos
a vast area of grassland and rich soil in south-central South America Pampas
forest region located in teh Tropical Zone with a heavy concentration of different spoecies of broadleaf trees rain forest
a way of clearing fields for planting by cutting trees, brush, and grasses and burning them slash and Burn
an ancient technique for growing crops on hillside or mountain slopes, using step-like horizontal fields cut into the hillside terraced farming
the basci support systems needed to keep an economy going, including power, and communications, transportation, water, sanitation, and education system infrastructure
a person of mixed heritage of Spanish and Native American culture Mestizo
a factory in Mexico that assembles imported materials into finished good for export Maquiladoras
North American Free Trade Agreement Nafta
place of origin of a major culture Cultural Hearth
Ship canal cut through Panama to make the exchange of goods quicker and more efficient between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans Panama Canal
a style of music that developed in Jamaica in the 1960'sand is rooted in African, Caribbean,and American music, often dealing with social problems and religion reggae
a style of music that began in Trinidad and combines elements from Africa, Spain, and the Carribean calypso
cutting down trees and forest deforestation
deal where an organization pays off governemnt debt for protection of the rain forest debt-for-nature-swap
a government run by generals after a military takeover Junta
Created by: burmeism