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Communicating with others and working with the interprofessional team ch6

Involves a spoken word as well as nonverbal message, emotional state of person involved, outside distractions, cultural background it affects their interpretation of the message. Communication
___Listening often results in misinterpretation of the message Superficial
___Behavior allows people to stand up for themselves and their rights without violating the rights of others Assertive
___Behavior forces their wishes or ideas on to others AgressIve
Assertive or aggressive communication. And individuals position is clearly and firmly stated, using "I" statements Assertive
Process that gives people the opportunity to reflect, construct personal knowledge, and develop a sense of collective knowledge about others. It is damn wishes relationships to promote personal and professional growth. It is the key to working effectivel Interpersonal communication
___Allows for the fact that communication among and between individuals occur simultaneously is the participants may be sending, receiving, and interpreting messages at the same time. It also acknowledges the noise, spasms/Instant message (hick up) in el Transactual model
Low health literacy. Cultural diversity . Cultural competence of healthcare provider. Lack of interprofessional communication education providers Barrier to communication among HCP and patient
Direct dad overtime. Identifies which patients need preventative screening/check ups. Monitor PT status (maintenance, preventative, BP, Vaccinations). Evaluates. Improves overall quality of care within the specific practice. Electronic medical records (EMR)
If you were face-to-face would you say this? Follow the same rules of behavior unlined that you follow when dealing with individuals personally. Send information only to those individuals who need it. Avoid flaming; that is, sending remarks intended to c Rules of netiquette
Do not write in all capital letters; this is just anger. Respect other people's privacy. Do not abuse the power of your position. Proofread your email before sending it. Rules of netiquette
Critical information may not be given. Information may be misinterpreted. Verbal or telephone orders may not be clear,. Changes in status may be overlooked. Failure of effective communication
1. Identify the patient, including the room and bad numbers. 2. Include the patient diagnosis. 3. Account for the presence of the patient on the unit. If PT has left the unit it is important for the oncoming staff members to know the pt is off the uni Information for change of shift report (hand off)
4. Provide the treatment plan that specifies the goals of treatment. Note the goals and critical pathway steps either achieved or in progress. Personalized approach is can be developed during this time inpatient readiness for those approach is evaluated. Information for change of shift report (hand off)
5. Document PT response to current treatments. Is treatment plan working? Present evidence for or against this. Include pertinent labs as well as negative reactions to meds or TX plan that oncoming staff need to address. Information for change of shift Report (hand off)
6. Omit personal opinions and value judgments about PT as well as personal/confidential info not pertinent to providing PT care. If you are using computerized Infosystems, make sure you know how to present the material equitably and concisely. Information for change of shift report (hand off)
Communicate changes in the patient's condition, share other pertinent information, discuss modifications of TX plan, and clarify orders. Communicating with the HCP
make sure you have all your information BC the HCP may need more clarification. If calling about a drop in PT's BP make sure you have a list of all medications, labs, VS, and BP trends. So be prepared to give a general assessment of PT's present status Before calling the HCP
Important!!! It's time you call the HCP _______. Enter HCP name, date, time, Reason for the call, and the time the HCP returned your call. Document. Document. Document
If HCP doesn't return call in a reasonable amount of time, or patient safety is in jeopardy,_ ___To ensure patient safety is maintained. Follow chain of command.
Situation,. Background. Assessment. Recommendation SBAR
Introduction. Situation. Background. Assessment. Recommendation. and Read back ISBARR
Focuses and the immediate situation so that decisions regarding patient care may be made quickly and safely. ISBARR
T or F. A nurse can receive written orders by a medical student before being implemented False, they must be countersigned by a physician or APRN before being implemented
___Orders are dated and placed on the appropriate institutional forms Written
___The HCP gives them directly to the nurse or the phone.___Come directly from the HCP office in need to be initialed by the provider. What has to happen with a telephone, faxed or email order? HCP sign the order when they come to the nursing unit.
Must be written and appropriate institutional forms, the time and date noted, and the form signed as a ____order by the nurse Telephone
When receiving a telephone order it must be repeated back to the doctor for___. If they speak to rapidly, ask them to___. Then the information repeated back for___ Confirmation. Slowdown. Confirmation
If a faxed document is unclear, call the HCP back for___. Most institutions require HCP's to go sign the order with in___hours Clarification. 24 hours
The ability to perform effectively with in nursing and interprofessional teams, fostering open communication, mutual respect, and shared decision-making to achieve quality patient care. Teamwork
Demonstrate dependability. Communicates constructively. Engages in active listening. Actively participates. Shears information openly and willingly. Support and offers assistance. Displays flexibility. Exhibits loyalty to the team. Aunts is a problem sol Qualities of an effective team player.
1. Identify and focus on strengths/weaknesses. Builders drinks/improve weaknesses. 2. Team understands the goal and committed to achieving outcome. (Primary goal safe, quality PT care). 3. Role model/exhibit expected behaviors. 4. We ward accomplishm Building a working team
Occurs when multiple health workers from different professional background work together with PT, families, caregivers, and communicates to deliver the highest quality care. T or F. They are dependent on each other and work with each other to achieve a Interprofessional collaboration. True
Working with someone in the sense of enabling: making them more able to do something (typically by providing information or resources they wouldn't otherwise have) Cooperation
Requires working alongside someone to achieve something Collaboration
Assumes that members share responsibility, values, and resources Collaboration
___Is considered to be a core competency to promote interprofessional collaborative practice Communication
___System is to improve collaboration and communication related to patient safety. It includes leadership, situation monitoring, mutual support, and communication. Team STEPPS
Coordinate patient care by guiding patients through diagnostic process, educating and supporting them, integrating care with other members of the interprofessional team, and assisting them in making informed decisions. Nurse navigator
Provide care to a common group of PT/clients. Develop common goals, outcomes and work together to achieve goals for PT/clients. Members rules/functions/understand their rules and the rules of others. Team develops mechanism for sharing info. Team creat Characteristics of effective interprofessional healthcare teams.
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