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Of Mice and Men

Review for the exam

What is the significance of Curley's wife having no name? Time period- Women were not dominant figures
What is the dream that George and Lennie share? To own land of their own, no longer be dependent on work
What is the setting? Time, place, state? California, 1930's, at a ranch
Where are George and Lennie fleeing from? Why? Weed- Lennie touched the girls dress
Why does Curley wear a glove? To keep it soft for his wife
Why does Curley wear high heeled boots? He is short and wants to feel taller. Insecure about himself
Is Lennie a round or flat character? Flat
Define foreshadowing Foreshadowing is a hint of things to come in the story
How is Lennie's death foreshadowed? Through Candy's dog
Is the bunkhouse community a positive community or a negative community? Negative- Ganging up to kill Candy's dog Positive- Slim helps the other men out
Who in the novel is suffering from loneliness? Candy, Curley's wife, George, Crooks
Does Lennie appear to be what he is in reality? No. He appears to be a large man who is capable of what the average man can do, but he is more like a child.
Is George a round or flat character? Round
Why does Lennie want to carry a dead mouse in his pocket? Comfort or to not feel lonely
Name a character who is portrayed as powerful. The boss, Curley, George
What does George say to Lennie before shooting him? He tells him the story of how it's going to be on their land
Who took care of Lennie prior to George? Aunt Clara
"I've never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her. You leave her be" George
"He won't even feel it" Carlson
Created by: jlivy1s