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latin- 1st punic war


what does the word punic mean literally? Phoenician
What were the two sides of the Punic Wars? Rome and Carthage
Where was Carthage located? north africa
What are the dates for the 1st punic wars? 264-241 BC
Over what area did it start? outside of rome
What weakness did Rome have at the Beginning? Getting an army and lack of expericence at sea.
What was the strength of carthage militarily? Their Navy
how did the Romans come up with their first battleship? Capture a vesta in an Italian harbor
explain how the romans adapted their land tactics to the sea? They would be on their ships and then when they came close enough, they would lock onto the enemies ship, then get on their sheip....AND TAKE ALL BABE!!
how many fleets did Rome build and lose to storms? 2
who was the roman commander captured by carthage? Regulus
what did the Carthage ask him to do? agree to the terms of peace
What did he end up doind? told them to fight to death
Who was the carthagian general in this first war? Hamilcar Barca
Who was the Clodius Pulcher? Commander for the romans who ignore omen to the scaired chickens
What did the augurs tell him was a bad omen? that the chickens werent eating!
What did he do when he eard about the bad omen? He threw the chicken cage in the sea
What was a result of the ensuing battle? they lost
How many fleets did Rome use to finally defeat the Carthaginians? 3
Who won the war? Romans
What became Rome's first province? Sicily
What became its 2nd and 3rd provinces? Corsica and Sardinia
What eles did Carthage have to do? Pay a large indemnity
Created by: marquis