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Social Studies

Culture The way of life a group of people
Patriotism To love your country
Immigrate To come to a new country to make a new life
Population The total number of people who live in a place
Rural The countryside
Urban Areas in a city
Suburb Towns or small cities by a large city
Government System of leaders and laws for making decisions for a community, state, or nation
Constitution A plan of government
Democracy A form of government where people elect leaders to govern
Republic A government that gets it power from the people
Legislative branch Makes the law
Executive branch Carries out law
Judicial branch make sure laws obey constitution
checks and balance a way that each branch of government checks the other
majority rule the person/rule that gets the most votes win
economy all producing, selling and buying that people do
free market an economy with little or no government control
factors of productions the natural, capital, and resources that influence production
profit the money a business makes after paying bills
supply amount of something avaliable
demand amount of product people want
manufacturing the making of its products
service industry people are paid to do things for others
Created by: KellyFreiters