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Fundees nutrition

Chapter 26

What part of the digestive tract does carbs start to be broken down Mouth
What does the stomach break down Proteins and absorbs vitamin B12
How much does the stomach hold Approximately 1.5 liters
What factor must you have to break down B12 Intrinsic factor
What are 2 ways to get intrinsic factor if your stomach doesn't produce it Shots and sublingual
What are two caused that may be a reason a person needs intrinsic factor supplement Gastric bypass and autoimmune disorder
Small intestine plays what part in nutrition Absorbs vitamins and minerals... Finishes digestion
What role does the large intestine play in digestion Absorbs electrolytes and fluid... Eliminates waste
What concentrates, stores and secretes bile into the duodenum Liver and gallbladder
Where is insulin produced Pancreas
What is a group of people who don't get needed care Health desparity
Sources of nutrition Protein, carbs, vitamins/minerals, water, fats
3 types of protein Complete, incomplete, and companion
What kind of protein are... Soybeans.. Fish and poltry Complete proteins
Incomplete proteins come from what source Plants
What is a complimentary protein Combining a incomplete protein with a carbohydrate... To make a complete protein
What important factor do complete proteins provide All 9 essential amino acids
What do proteins do for us Build tissue, maintain tissue,nitrogen/water balance, backup energy, support immune system
DRI Daily recommended intake
What is the way you calculate DRI Wt. in kg ×0.8=DMI
Protein provides----- cal/g of energy 4
Created by: Annettekeith