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Greek Roots Vocab 2

Aerodynamics How smoothly air flows over an object
Aerospace Pertaining to air and space
Bible Books for Jews and Christiand
Bibliography List of book titles
Chronological In order by time
Chronology A book written in order of by time
Biology Study of life
Biography Story of somebody's life
Geology Study of Earth
Geography Study of Earth's features
Autograph A written signature
Telegraph A message sent through a machine, dots and dashes, distress signal
Monologue One person making a speech
Dialogue Two or more people talking
Hydroelectric Converting water into electricity
Hydration Keeping your body with water
Mechanic A person who works with machines
Mechanism A machine's features
Empathy Understanding someone's feelings
Pathological Lie without feeling
Psychopath Violence with no feeling of remorse
Diplomat Person working for two countries
Dysfunctional Not functional correctly
Dystopia Abnormal society
Cryogenics Very cold temperatures
Cryometer Thermometer for cold temperatures
Cytoplasm Material between cell organelles
Lymphocyte Type of white blood cell
Dendroid Like a tree
Dendrology Study of trees
Photograph Image created using light
Photosynthesis Plant using light to make food
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