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Europe Geo Test

Basic Map Skills and Geography

What country is southwest of France. Spain
What small country shares the Iberian peninsula with Spain? Portugal
Spain and Portugal make up what peninsula? Iberian
The Pyrenees, Alps,and Urals are all what type of land form in Europe? mountain ranges
What country has the Rhine and Danube River and Black Forest? Germany
What mountain range form the border between Spain and France? Pyrenees
What large body of water lies in between Italy and Spain? Mediterranean Sea
What type of map shows mountains, rivers, or plains regions? Physical Map
What environmental concern causes birth defects and cancer due to radiation exposure? Chernobyl Power Plant explosion
What country has an extensive forest with acid rain damage? Germany
Why are Russia's resources difficult to use? They are buried under permafrost, and Russia is large.
Why do countries build factories (industries) and cities near waterways? For drinking water, travel, and transportation of goods
Which country in Europe has arctic temperatures- Italy, UK, Germany or Russia? Russia
What is arable land? land that is good for farming
What are urban areas? cities
What does scarce mean? few or little
What boot shaped country is near the Mediterranean Sea in the south, but Alps are located in the north? Italy
What island country has air pollution as its main environmental concern? UK
What is the difference between fact and opinion? A fact can be proven, but an opinion is someone's perception.
What symbol is usually used for capital cities in a map key? circles with stars in the middle (Be able to use map key)
What is the largest and most populated country in Europe? Russia
What causes acid rain? When air pollutants mix with precipitation
What caused the Chernobyl Power Plant explosion in April 1986? A faulty reactor
What are the four cardinal directions? North, South, East, and West
What are the four intermediate directions? Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest
What shows cardinal and intermediate directions on a map? Compass Rose
What country in Europe has a rainy climate and a problem with air pollution? United Kingdom
Which country in Europe has the largest population, but is the least densely populated? Russia
What language family do France, Portugal, Spain and Italy all belong to? Romance
Name two countries in Eastern Europe that are from the Slavic language family Ukraine and Russia
What language family do both UK and Germany belong? Germanic
How are Judaism, Islam and Christianity similar? All monotheistic
What religion is the most predominant in Europe? Christianity
What small body of water is located between France and UK? English Channel
What rivers can be found in Germany? Rhine and Danube
What is the agricultural land called in Europe? North European Plains
What is arable land and why is it necessary? Farm land and we need it for food
Why are natural resources necessary? To heat homes, fuel automobiles, to trade to make money
What mountain range is located in Russia? Urals
Why do people prefer to live in warm climates? Not too hot or cold, and it allows them to grow crops