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8th Grade Science

Chapter 3 Review

Atom Smallest particle of an object
Element An object containing only one kind of atom
Compound Two or more elements that are chemically combined
Matter objects that are made up of atoms
Inorganic Mostly nonliving substances
Organic Matter containing carbon
Carbohydrates The main source of energy for humans
Proteins Help repair and build the body
Nucleic Acids Controls cells
Carbon An element present in all living things
Minerals Inorganic substances involved in body reactions
Cell Smallest functional unit in an organism
Tissue Groups of similar cells working together
Organ Group of tissue working together to perform a task
Organ System A group of organs working together to perform one or more functions
Heart Organ that moves oxygen, nutrients, and waste
Digestion Breakdown of food in an organism
Enzyme Help to break down the bonds in food
Villi Fingerlike projections that increase the surface area of the small intestine
Lipids Fats and oils
Absorbtion Nutrients absorbed through villi into body
Circulatory System A system that circulates blood throughout the body and transports oxygen, nutrients, and waste
Cellular Respiration Oxygen combines with food and energy is released
Respiratory System A system of organs that help receive oxygen from the atmosphere and release CO2 from the body
Alveoli Help with oxygen absorption / tiny thin walled sacs in the lungs with blood vessels
Excretion Getting rid of waste from the body
Urinary System Kidneys remove excess water and cellular waste
Nephrons Snake like tubes where blood is filtered
Homeostasis Body remaining stable
Negative Feedback When bad things happen, the body reacts
Positive Feedback When the body changes, it does not return to its normal state
Carbon Dioxide Given off as waste during cellular respiration
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