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Westward Expansion

Vocabulary Words

Pony Espress Service begun in 1860 that used a relay of riders on horses to deliver mail from Missouri to California in ten days.
Telegraph Device that sends messages through wires using electricity
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad that crosses a continent. The first Transcontinental Railroad in the USA was completed in 1869
Promontory Point, Utah Place in northwest Utah where tracks of the Union Pacific were left
Great Plains Vast region of dry grassland in the middle of the country and central pacific railroads in 1869
Homestead Act Law signed in 1862 offering free land to people willing to start new farms on the Great Plains
Homesteaders Settlers who claimed land on the Great Plains under the Homestead Act
Sodbusters Great Plain farmers of the late 1800's who had cut through sod, thick grass, before planting crops
Dustbuster Name for African Americans pioneers who moved to the great plains after the Civil War
Reservation Land set aside by the government for the Native Americans
Boomtown A town undergoing rapid growth due to sudden propensity
Prospector Someone looking for mineral deposits(usually after gold)
Created by: Trev05
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