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Theory& EBP

What is the purpose of nursing theories? Give us perspective for assessing our patients situations and organizing data and methods for analyzing and interpreting info; helps to identify the focus, means and goals of practice
What are the four major domains that nursing theories address? person, health, environment, nursing
What is the relationship between the nursing process and nursing theories? The nursing theories are the foundation for the nursing process; shaped how we do the nursing process
What was Henderson's theory? Organized the theory into 14 basic needs of the whole person& includes phenomenon from the following domains of the patient: physiological, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual, and developmental; frames around needs of individual
What was Orem's theory? Focused on self-care deficits; focused on patients self-care needs& aims at helping patient perform self-care and manage their own health problems; we step in when there is a self-deficiency
What was Neuman's theory? Based on stress& clients reaction to stressors; composed of 5 concepts that interact with each other: physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, spiritual; concepts interact with internal/external environmental factors
What was Roy's theory? Views patients as an adaptive system; help person adapt to change in physiological needs, self concept, role function, and interdependent relations during health& illness
What is theory based nursing practice? A process rather than a theory; provides a systematic process for the delivery of nursing care *A theory can direct HOW a nurse uses the nursing process
What are the benefits of evidence based practice in nursing? Helps nurses make effective, timely, and appropriate clinical decisions in response to the broad, political, professional, and societal forces that nurses and other health care professionals are confronted with daily
Descrive the role of nursing research as it influences current and future nursing practice? Improves care of people in clinical setting, identify new knowledge, improve professional education& practice, use resources effectively, develop greater autonomy& strength as a profession, provide evidence base nursing practice
What are two methods of nursing research? Quantitative & Qualitative
What is quantitative research? Involves concepts of basic and applied research
What is qualitative research? Conducted to gain insight by discovering meanings, based on belief that reality is based on various and differing perceptions
Describe the role of the nurse in protecting patients rights Use informed consent: Participants receive full& complete info, pt understands info, pt has free choice to participate, pt understands how their confidentiality will be kept
Identify sources of current patient care literature and research findings MEDLINE & Cumulative index of nursing and allied health lit are among the BEST known comprehensive databases to search for scientific knowledge in healthcare; OVID offers several diff online databases as well
Created by: amandamarie194