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w0rLd gEhoe

da first six weekz

Coal is transported across the country by rail movement of goods
Many people from the Great Lake States moved to Texas in the 1980s and 1990s for better paying jobs movement of people
One way we communicate info is to Skype our friends and relatives movement of ideas
Ten provinces and three Territories combine to create the gr9 nation of Canada formal region
Lisle, Oak Park, and Naperville are some of the many suburban areas surrounding the city of Chicago functional region
The American "Deep South" includes the states of GA, AL, MI, and LA perceptual region
The City of San Jose, Costa Rica, is found at 10^N latitude and 84 ^ W longitude absolute location
Seattle is a city along the Pacific coast about 70 miles south of the Canadian border relative location
The building of new houses in areas that always had been forests frequently forces animals out of their natural habitats human environment interaction
Areas where tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons are called tundra physical systems (place)
The official languages of the Philippines are Tagalog and English; the main religion is Christianity human systems (place)
The most important factor. The farther from the Equator- the colder and drier it becomes. Direct rays of the sun are always between the Tropics. Areas not in the tropics receive indirect sun rays. latitude
In the Northern Hemisphere, cold air from the Polar Regions comes from the North. Hot air from the tropics comes from the south. (opposite in the Southern Hemisphere) air masses
Water moderates climate. Water takes longer to heat and cool than land. Areas inland from the coast will be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than areas with the same latitude on the coast continentality
It gets colder as you go up a mountain elevation
Mountains can stop storms and air masses. Mountains are also responsible for the orographic effect: Wind containing moisture hits da WINDWARD side of a mt. vs the arid LEEWARD side tht doesn't get dem precipitation mountain barriers
Cold currents are dry. Warm currents are wet like juni's cock ocean currents
The high type of this is heavy, cold air that sinks, while the low type of this is warm, light air which rises. The trade ones of these blow from east to west. dOLDRUMS The westerlies blow between 30 + 60 degrees N S latitudes, blowing from west to east. pressure and prevailing winds
Where polar winds meet westerlies. occurs when hot and cold air masses collide. da big ones spin counter-clockwise in da northern hemisphere storms
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