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Athenaze 1-21

Athenaze Vocabulary Chapters 1-21

ἐστί(ν) he/she/it is
λέγει he/she says; he/she tells; he/she speaks
οἰκεῖ he/she lives; he/she dwells
πονεῖ he/she works
φιλεῖ he/she loves
χαίρει he/she rejoices
ὁ ἀγρός field
ὁ ἄνθρωπος man; human being; person
ὁ αὐτουργός farmer
ὁ οἶκος house; home; dwelling
ὁ πόνος toil; work
ὁ σῖτος grain; food
καλός beautiful
μακρός long; large
μῑκρός small
πολύς much; pl., many
ἐν ταῖς Ἀθήναις in Athens
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ not
οὖν so (i.e., because of this); then (i.e., after this) (postpositive)
ἀλλά but
γάρ for (postpositive)
καί and
δέ and; but (postpositive)
Ἀθηναῖος Athenian
ὁ Δικαιόπολις Dicaeopolis
ἄγω I lead; I take
εἰσάγω I lead in; I take in
βαίνω I step; I walk; I go
βλέπω I look; I see
λαμβάνω I take
συλλαμβάνω I help
ὁ βοῦς ox
τὸ δένδρον tree
ὁ δεσπότης master
εἰς + acc. into; to; at
βραδέως slowly
ἔπειτα then; thereafter
ἤδη already; now
συν- with (prefix)
αἴρει he/she lifts
βαδίζει he/she walks; he/she goes
καθίζει he/she sits
φέρει he/she carries
ὁ ἥλιος sun
ὁ χρόνος time
αὐτόν him
ἰσχῡρός strong
χαλεπός difficult
πρός + acc. to; toward
μένω I stay (in one place); I wait; I wait for
πΐπτω I fall
προσχωρέω + dat. I go toward; I approach
φησί(ν) he/she says (postpositive enclitic)
ὁ λίθος stone
αὐτό it
αὐτόν him; it
αἴτιος responsible (for); to blame
δυνατός possible
μέγας big; large; great
ἐκ, ἐξ + gen. out of
αὖθις again
δεῦρο here (i.e., hither)
ἔτι still
οὐκέτι no longer
τε...καί, τε καί both...and (τε: postpositive enclitic)
ὦ Ζεῦ O Zeus
λείπω I leave
λΰω I loosen; I loose
τὸ δεῖπνον dinner
ὁ, ἡ παῖς boy; girl; son; daughter; child
ὁ πατήρ father
σύ you
ἀνδρεῖος brave
πολλοί many
τοσοῦτος so great; pl., so great; so many
ἐν + dat. in; on
μηκέτι don't...any longer!
ἐπεί when
ὁ Φίλιππος Philip
ἀκούω I listen
ἀκούω + gen. of person + acc. of thing I listen to; I hear
ἐθέλω + infin. I am willing; I wish
ἔχω I have; I hold
θεωρέω I watch; I see
ποιέω I make; I do
χαίρω I rejoice
χαῖρε greetings!
ὁ ἄγγελος messenger
ὁ ἀνήρ man; husband
ἡ γυνή woman; wife
ἡ ἑορτή festival
ἡ θυγάτηρ daughter
ὁ καιρός time; right time
ἡ κρήνη spring
ἡ μήτηρ mother
ἡ ὑδρίᾱ water jar
ὁ χορός dance; chorus
᾽ᾱργός, ᾽ᾱργόν not working; idle; lazy
φίλος, φίλη, φίλον dear; as noun, friend
ἀπό + gen. from; prefix, away
πρός + dat. at; near; by
πρός + acc. to; toward
ἰδού look!
καί even; also; too
μάλα very
μόλις with difficulty; scarcely; reluctantly
πρῶτον first
ταχέως quickly; swiftly
ἆρα introduces a question
ἐν νῷ ἔχω + infin. I have in mind; I intend
τὰ Διονΰσια the festival of Dionysus
τὰ Διονΰσια ποιῶ I celebrate the festival of Dionysus
ἡ Μέλιττα Melissa (bee)
ἡ Μυρρίνη Myrrhine (myrtle)
πείθω I persuade
στενάζω I groan
ἡ γῆ land; earth; ground
ἡ ὁδός road; way; journey
ἄλλος, ἄλλη, ἄλλο other; another
ῥᾴδιος, ῥᾳδίᾱ, ῥᾴδιον easy
ἀεί always
μάλιστα most; most of all; very much; especially
οἴκαδε homeward; to home
ἑορτὴν ποιῶ I celebrate a festival
τί; why?; pronoun, what?
ἄπειμι I am away (from); cf. πάρειμι
βοάω I shout
διώκω I pursue; I chase
ζητέω I seek; I look for
ἴθι go!; pl., ἴτε
ἴθι δή go on!
ὁράω I see
τῑμάω I honor
τρέχω I run
φεύγω I flee; I escape
φυλάττω I guard
ὁ, ἡ κύων dog
ὁ λαγώς hare
ὁ λύκος wolf
ἡ οἰκίᾱ house; home; dwelling
τὸ ὄρος mountain; hill
ὁ πάππος grandfather
τὰ πρόβατα pl., sheep
ἄκρος, ἄκρᾱ, ἄκρον top (of)
ἄκρον τὸ ὄρος the top of the mountain/hill
ῥ΅αθῡμος, ῥ΅αθῡμον careless
ἀνά + acc. up
κατά + acc. down
ποῦ; where?
οὐδέ and...not; nor; not even
οὔτε...οὔτε neither...nor
ὥστε + indic., infin. so that; that; so as to (introduces clause of result)
δι' ὀλίγου soon
ὁ Ἄργος Argus (dog's name; cf. ἀργός, -ή, -όν - shining; swift)
ἀποφεύγω I flee away; I escape
γιγνώσκω I get to know; I learn; cf. Latin cognōscō and English know
ἥκω I have come
θαυμάζω intransitive, I am amazed; transitive, I wonder at; I admire
πάσχω I suffer; I experience
τύπτω I strike; I hit
ὁ μῦθος story
ἡμεῖς we
῾ῡμεῖς pl., you
ἀγαθός, ἀγαθή, ἀγαθόν good
ἄγριος, ἀγρίᾱ, ἄγριον savage; wild; fierce
πρῶτος, πρῶτη, πρῶτον first
αὐτός, αὐτή, αὐτό intensive adjective; same; oblique pronoun, him, her, it, them
ἐπί + dat. upon; on
ἐπί + acc. at; against
ὑπό + dat. under (dat.)
ὑπό + acc. under (acc.)
ἐνταῦθα then; here; hither; there; thither
ἐνταῦθα δή at that very moment; then
νῦν now
καί...καί both...and
ὅτι that
ἀποκτείνω I kill
ἀφικνέομαι I arrive
ἀφικνέομαι + εἰς + acc. I arrive at
βασιλεύω I rule
βοηθέω I come to the rescue
βοηθέω + dat. I come to X's aid; I come to rescue/aid X
βούλομαι + infin. I want; I wish
γίγνομαι I become
γίγνεται he/she/it becomes; it happens
δέχομαι I receive
ἐκφεύγω I flee out; I escape
ἔρχομαι I come; I go
ἀπέρχομαι I go away
πείθομαι + dat. I obey
πέμπω I send
πλέω I sail
σῴζω I save
φοβέομαι intransitive, I am frightened; I am afraid; transitive, I fear; I am afraid of
ὁ βασιλεύς king
ὁ ἑταῖρος comrade; companion
ἡ ἡμέρᾱ day
ἡ ναῦς ship
ἡ νῆσος island
ἡ νύξ night
ὁ πάππας papa; cf. ὁ πάππος
ἡ παρθένος maiden; girl
δεινός, δεινή, δεινόν terrible
μετά + gen. with
μετά + acc. after
ἐκεῖ there
αἱ Ἀθῆναι Athens
ὁ Αἰγεύς Aegeus
ἡ Ἀριάδνη Ariadne
ὁ Θησεύς Theseus
ἡ Κνωσός Knossos
ἡ Κρήτη Crete
ὁ Μΐνως Minos
ὁ Μῑνώταυρος Minotaur
ἐξέρχομαι + ἐκ + gen. I come out of; I go out of
ἡγέομαι + dat. I lead
μάχομαι I fight
παρέχω I hand over; I supply; I provide
πορεύομαι I go; I walk; I march; I journey
προχωρέω I go forward; I come forward; I advance; cf., προσχωρέω + dat.
φᾱσί(ν) they say (postpositive enclitic)
αἱ πύλαι pl., double gates
οὐδαμῶς in no way; no
πολλάκις many times; often
ὡς how...!
γε restrictive, at least; intensive, indeed (postpositive enclitic)
δή emphasizes obviousness/truth, indeed, in fact (postpositive)
αἱρέω I take; cf. αἴρω
ἐπαίρω I lift; I raise
ἐπαίρω ἐμαυτόν I get up
εὑρίσκω I find
ἰέναι to go
κελεύω + acc. + infin. I order; I tell
παρασκευάζω I prepare
ὁ, ἡ αἴξ goat
ἡ θάλαττα sea
τὸ ὄνομα name
ἡ πόλις city
τίς interrogative pronoun, who?; interrogative adjective, which?; what?
τις pronoun, someone; something; anyone; anything; adjective, a certain; some; a; an (enclitic)
οὐδείς, οὐδεμία, οὐδέν pronoun, no one; nothing; adjective, no
ἐμαυτοῦ, σεαυτοῦ, ἑαυτοῦ of myself; of yourself; of him-/her-/itself
μέγιστος, μέγιστη, μέγιστον very big; very large; very great; biggest; largest; greatest; cf., μέγασ, μεγάλη, μέγα
περί + gen. about; concerning
περί + acc. around
ὁ Ἀγαμέμνων Agamemnon
οἱ Ἀχαιοί Achaeans; Greeks
ὁ Ὀδυσσεύς Odysseus
ἡ Τροίᾱ Troy
ἀποκρίνομαι I answer
βάλλω I throw; put; pelt; hit; strike
μέλλω I am about (to); am destined (to); intend (to)
ὁρμάω I set X in motion; start; rush; (middle) set myself in motion; start; rush; hasten
παύω I stop X; (middle) stop doing X; (+ gen) cease from
ὁ ξένος τοῦ ξένου foreigner; stranger
ὁ οἶνος τοῦ οἴνου wine
ὁ ὀφθαλμός τοῦ ὀφθαλμοῦ eye
τὸ πῦρ τοῦ πυρός fire
ὁ χειμών τοῦ χειμῶνος storm; winter
δύο two
εἷς μία, ἕν one
πᾶς πᾶσα, πᾶν all; every; whole
σώφρων σῶφρον of sound mind; prudent; self-controlled
ἐνθάδε here; hither; there; thither
πόθεν from where? whence?
πῶς how?
διαλέγομαι + dat, I talk to, converse with
ἕπομαι + dat, I follow
ἐργάζομαι work; I accomplish
θεάομαι I see, watch, look at
τὸ ἄστυ τοῦ ἄστεως city
τὸ ἔργον τοῦ ἔργου work; deed
ἡ ἑσπέρα τῆς ἑσπέρας evening
ὁ θεός τοῦ θεοῦ god
ἡ θύρα τῆς θύρας door
ὁ ποιητής τοῦ ποιητοῦ poet
ἐκεῖσε to that place, thither
εὖ well
οἴκοι at home
ὥσπερ just as
ὅμως nevertheless
ἐν ᾥ while
εὖ γε good! well done!
ἀναβαίνω I go up, get up + ἐπί + acc, I climb, go up to
ἐγείρω I wake X up; (middle) I wake up
εὔχομαι I pray; + dat, I pray to; + acc/inf, I pray (that)
καθίζω I make X sit down; I set; I place; (active intransitive) I sit; (middle intransitive) I seat myself, sit down
ἡ ἀγορά τῆς ἀγορᾶς agora, city center, market place
ὁ βωμός τοῦ βωμοῦ altar
ὁ νεανίας τοῦ νεανίου young man
ὁ πολίτης τοῦ πολίτου citizen
ἡ χείρ τῆς χειρός hand
ὑπέρ + gen, on behalf of, for
τέλος in the end, finally
ἐν...τούτῳ meanwhile
τῇ ὑστεραίᾳ on the next day
ἄγε, pl. ἄγετε come on!
ἐπανέρχομαι infinitive, ἐπανιέναι I come back, return; + ἐις, πρός, I return to
ἐσθίω I eat
κάμνω I am sick; I am tired
πίνω I drink
ἡ ἀριστερά τῆς ἀριστερᾶς left hand
ἡ δεξιά τῆς δεξιᾶς right hand
ἡ θεός τῆς θεοῦ goddess
τὸ ἱερόν τοῦ ἱεροῦ temple
ὁ κίνδυνος τοῦ κινδύνου danger
κάλλιστος καλλίστη, κάλλιστον most, very beautiful
διά + gen, through
ἐπί + dat, upon, on + acc, at; against; onto, upon
αὐξάνω I increase
καίω / κάω (active intransitive) I kindle, burn; (middle intransitive) I burn, am on fire
σιγάω I am silent
τέρπομαι I enjoy myself; + dat, I enjoy X; + participle, I enjoy doing X
ὁ γέρων τοῦ γέροντος old man
ὁ δῆμος τοῦ δήμου the people
τὸ ἱερεῖον τοῦ ἱερείου sacrficial victim
ὁ ἱερεύς τοῦ ἱερέως priest
ὁ κῆρυξ τοῦ κήρυκος herald
ὁ οὐρανός τοῦ οὐρανοῦ heaven, sky
ἡ πομπή τῆς πομπῆς procession
ἄριστος ἀρίστη, ἄριστον best; very good; noble
γέρων γέροντος old
ἕτοιμος ἑτοίμη, ἕτοιμον ready
ἵλεως acc. ἵλεων propitious
μέσος μέση, μέσον middle (of)
ἀφικνέομαι ἀφίξομαι, ἀφικόμην + εἰς + acc, I arrive at
γίγνομαι γενήσομαι, ἐγενόμην I become
εὑρίσκω εὑρήσω, ηὗρον or εὗρον I find
θεάομαι θεάσομαι, ἐθεασάμην I see, watch, look at
νικάω νικήσω, ἐνικησα I defeat; win
καλῶς well
φεῦ (often + genitive of cause) alas!
αἴρω ἀρω, ἦρα I lift; (with reflexive pron.) get up
ἀποκτείνω ἀποκτενῶ, ἀπέκτεινα I kill
ἀποφεύγω ἀποφεύξομαι, ἀπέφυγον I flee away, escape
ἔξεστι(ν) + dat + inf. it is allowed/possible
καταλείπω καταλείψω, κατέλιπον I leave behind, desert
μένω μενῶ, ἔμεινα (intransitive) I stay; I wait; (transitive) I wait for
τρέπω τρέψω, ἔτρεψα I turn X; (middle intransitive) I turn myself, turn
τύπτω τυπτήσω I strike, hit
ἡ βοή τῆς βοῆς shout
ἡ κεφαλή τῆς κεφαλῆς head
οἱ τεκόντες τῶν τεκόντων parents
τὸ ὕδωρ τοῦ ὕδατος water
πρό + genitive before
εὐθύς immediately, at once
ποτέ (enclitic) at some time, at one time, once, ever
δεῖ + acc + inf it is necessary
αἰτέω αἰτήσω, ᾔτησα I ask; ask for
ἀποθνῄσκω ἀποθανοῦμαι, ἀπέθανον I die
δακρύω δακρύσω, ἐδάκρυσα I cry, weep
δοκεῖ δόξει, ἔδοξε(ν) it seems (good) + dat
εἰσάγω εἰσαξω, εἰσήγαγον I lead in; take in
ἔφη s/he said
κομίζω κομιῶ, ἐκόμισα I bring; take
κόπτω κόψω, ἔκοψα I strike; knock on (a door)
λαμβάνω λήψομαι, ἔλαβον I take; (middle + gen) I seize, take hold of
λείπω λείψω, ἔλιπον I leave
μανθάνω μαθήσομαι, ἔμαθον I learn; understand
πάσχω πείσομαι, ἔπαθον I suffer; experience
σκοπέω σκέψομαι, ἐσκεψάμην I look at, examine; consider
ὁ ἀδελφός τοῦ ἀδελφοῦ brother
ὁ ἰατρός ᾽ τοῦ ἰατροῦ doctor
ὁ λόγος τοῦ λόγου word; story
σοφός σοφή, σοφόν skilled; wise; clever
τυφλός τυφλή, τυφλόν blind
παρά + acc (person only) to
αὔριον tomorrow
εἰ if; whether
καλῶς ἔχω I am well
πῶς ἔχεις; How are you?
αἱρέω αἱρήσω, εἷλον (ἑλών) I take
δοκεῖ δόξει, ἔδοξε(ν) (δόξαν) it seems (good) + dat
ἔρχομαι εἶμι, ἦλθον (ἐλθών) I come; go
προσέρχομαι πρός + acc I approach
λέγω λέξω or ἐρω, ἔλεξα or εἶπον (εἰπών) I say; tell; speak
νοσέω νοσήσω, ἐνόσησα I am sick, ill
ὁράω ὄψομαι, εἶδον (ἰδών) I see
ὠφελέω ὠφελήσω, ὠφέλησα I help; benefit
τὸ ἀργύριον τοῦ ἀργυρίου silver; money
ἡ δραχμή τῆς δραχμῆς drachma
ὁ μισθός τοῦ μισθοῦ reward; pay
ὁ ὀβολός τοῦ ὀβολοῦ obol
πρός + dat, at, near, by + acc, to, toward, against
οἴμοι alas!
κατὰ θάλατταν by sea
ἀπορέω, ἀπορήσω, ἠπόρησα be at a loss
φροντίζω, φροντιῶ, ἐφρόντισα worry; care
ἡμίονος, ἡμιόνου, ὁ mule
λιμήν, λιμένος, ὁ harbor
ὅμιλος, ὁμίλου, ὁ crowd
τεῖχος, τείχους, τό wall
γεραιός, ά, όν old
κακός, ή, όν bad; evil
ὀρθός, ή, όν straight; right, correct
τάχιστα most quickly
ὡς τάχιστα as quickly as possible
ἤ...ἤ either...or
καίπερ although
χαίρειν κελέυω bid farewell to X
ἐξηγέομαι, ἐξηγήσομαι, ἐξηγησάμην relate
ἐρωτάω, ἐρωτήσω, ἠρώτησα ask
φαίνομαι, φανοῦμαι appear
ἔμπορος, ἐμπόρου, ὁ merchant
ναύκληρος, ναυκλήρου, ὁ captain
ναύτης, ναύτου, ὁ sailor
πλείων/πλέων, πλέον more
πλεῖστος, η, ον most; very great; very many
Ἀθήναζε to Athens
μέγα greatly; loudly
τότε then
μάλιστά γε certainly; indeed
ἐρέσσω, --, ἤρεσα row
ἡσυχάζω, ἡσυχάσω, ἡσύχασα keep quiet; rest
ἄνεμος, ἀνέμου, ὁ wind
ἱστία, ἱστίων, τά sails
ἀλλήλων of one another
βέβαιος, α, ον firm, steady
λαμπρός, ά, όν bright; brilliant
ταχύς, ταχεῖα, ταχύ quick, swift
Σαλαμίς, Σαλαμῖνος, ἡ Salamis
ἀμύνω, ἀμυνῶ, ἤμυνα ward off (acc.) from (dat.); [middle] ward off (acc.)
ὀργίζομαι, ὀργιοῦμαι grow/be angry at (dat.)
ἀρχή, ἀρχῆς, ἡ beginning
βάρβαρος, βαρβάρου, ὁ barbarian
ἐλευθερία, ἐλευθερίας, ἡ freedom
κῦμα, κύματος, τό wave
μάχη, μάχης, ἡ fight; battle
ναυτικόν, ναυτικοῦ, τό fleet
στενά, στενῶν, τά narrows, straights; mountain pass
τριήρης, τριήρους, ἡ trireme
μηδείς, μηδεμία, μηδέν no one, nothing; no
ὅς, ἥ, ὅν who, whose, whom, which, that
ὅσπερ, ἥπερ, ὅπερ (emphatic) who, whose, whom, which, that
ἀληθής, ἀληθές true
ἀληθῆ, ἀληθῶν, τά the truth
ἐκεῖνος, η, ο that; those
ψευδής, ές false
ψευδῆ, ψευδῶν, τά lies
ἐγγύς (+ gen.) near
ἅμα together, at the same time
ὅτε when
ὡς as
ὡς δοκεῖ as it seems
τῷ ὄντι in truth
Ἑλλάς, Ἑλλάδος, ἡ Greece
Ποσειδῶν, Ποσειδῶνος, ὁ Poseidon
ἐλπίζω, ἐλπιῶ, ἤλπισα hope; expect; suppose
ἐπιπέμπω, ἐπιπέμψω, ἐπέπεμψα send against; send in
πράττω, πράξω, ἔπραξα do; fare
προσβάλλω, προσβαλῶ, προσέβαλον attack (+ dat.)
συμβάλλω, συμβαλῶ, συνέβαλον join battle; join battle with (+ dat.)
συνέρχομαι, σύνειμι, συνῆλθον come together
χράομαι, χρήσομαι, ἐχρησάμην use (+ dat.); enjoy (+ dat.)
ὁπλίτης, ὁπλίτου, ὁ hoplite
πλῆθος, πλήθους, τό number; multitude
στόλος, στόλου, ὁ expedition; army; fleet
στρατιώτης, στρατιώτου, ὁ soldier
στρατός, στρατοῦ, ὁ army
ὀλίγος, η, ον small; few
οὗτος, αὕτη, τοῦτο this, these
στενός, ή, όν narrow
than (with comparative)
ἐν μέσῳ (+ gen.) between
κατὰ γῆν by land
Ἕλλην, Ἕλληνος, ὁ Greek
Εὔβοια, Εὐβοίας, ἡ Euboea
Θερμοπύλαι, Θερμοπυλῶν, αἱ Thermopylae
Κόρινθος, Κορίνθου, ἡ Corinth
Λακεδαιμόνιοι, Λακεδαιμονίων, οἱ Spartans
Λεωνίδης, Λεωνίδου, ὁ Leonidas
Ξέρξης, Ξέρξου, ὁ Xerxes
Πέρσαι, Περσῶν, οἱ the Persians
ἀγγέλλω, ἀγγελῶ, ἤγγειλα announce; tell
ἀναχωρέω, ἀναχωρήσω, ἀνεχώρησα retreat, withdraw
ἀντέχω, ἀνθέξω, ἀντέσχον resist (+ dat.)
γράφω, γράψω, ἔγραψα write
διέρχομαι, δίειμι, διῆλθον come through; go through
παραγίγνομαι, παραγενήσομαι, παρεγενόμην arrive
φράζω, φράσω, ἔφρασα show; tell; tell of, explain
πόλεμος, πολέμου, ὁ war
πύλαι, πυλῶν, αἱ double gates; mountain pass
ἅπας, ἅπασα, ἅπαν all; every; whole
ὅδε, ἥδε, τόδε this (here)
πολέμιος, α, ον hostile; enemy
πολέμιοι, πολεμίων, οἱ the enemy
ὅπου where
ἕως until
ὡς when
τῇ προτεραίᾳ on the day before
Ἀρτεμίσιον, Ἀρτεμισίου, τό Artemesium
Ἀττική, Ἀττικῆς, ἡ Attica
Βοιωτία, Βοιωτίας, ἡ Boeotia
Ἐφιάλτης, Ἐφιάλτου, ὁ Ephialtes
Πελοπόννησος, Πελοποννήσου, ἡ the Peloponnesus
Σπαρτιάτης, Σπαρτιάτου, ὁ a Spartan
Φάληρον, Φαλήρου, τό Phalerum (the old harbor of Athens)
ἀναγκάζω, ἀναγκάσω, ἠνάγκασα compel
διαφθείρω, διαφθερῶ, διέφθειρα destroy
εἴκω, εἴξω, εἶξω (+ dat.), yield
ἀπορία, ἀπορίας, ἡ perplexity; difficulty; the state of being at a loss
ναύαρχος, ναυάρχου, ὁ admiral
νοῦς, νοῦ, ὁ mind
ἐν νῷ ἔχω intend
στρατηγός, στρατηγοῦ, ὁ general
φυγή, φυγῆς, ἡ flight, escape
μόνος, η, ον alone; only
μήκετι (+ imperative), don't...any longer; (+ infinitive), no longer
μόνον only
οὐ μόνον...ἀλλὰ καί not only...but also
Θεμιστοκλῆς, Θεμιστοκλέους, ὁ Themistocles
δύναμαι, δυνήσομαι be able; can
ἐπίσταμαι, ἐπιστήσομαι understand; know
καταλαμβάνω, καταλήψομαι, κατέλαβον overtake, catch
κεῖμαι, κείσομαι, κατάκειμαι lie, lie down
στρατεύω, στρατεύσω, ἐστράτευσα wage war, campaign; (+ ἐπί + acc.), campaign (against)
συναγείρω, συναγερῶ, συνήγειρα gather; gather together
τελευτάω, τελευτήσω, ἐτελεύτησα end; die
ἔνοικος, ἐνοίκου, ὁ inhabitant
σύμμαχος, συμμάχου, ὁ ally
συμφορά, συμφορᾶς, ἡ misfortune; disaster
διακόσιοι, αι, α two hundred
ἑκατόν one hundred
πόσος, η, ον how much?, how many?
ὑπό (+ gen.), under; by; (+ dat.), under; (+ acc.) under
οὐδαμοῦ nowhere
πολλαχόσε to many parts
ὕστερον later
καὶ δὴ καί and in particular; and what is more
ποῦ γῆς where (in the world)?
λυπέω, λυπήσω, ἐλύπησα grieve, vex, cause pain to; be agrieved, distressed
πολιορκέω, πολιορκήσω, ἐπολιόρκησα besiege
βίος, βίου, ὁ life
εἰρήνη, εἰρήνης, ἡ peace
ἔτος, ἔτους, τό year
θάνατος, θανάτου, ὁ death
θυμός, θυμοῦ, ὁ spirit
ποταμός, ποταμοῦ, ὁ river
σπονδή, σπονδῆς, ἡ libation
σπονδαί, σπονδῶν, αἱ peace treaty
ἄξιος, α, ον worthy; worthy of (+ gen.)
ἥκιστά γε least of all, not at all
μάλιστά γε certainly, indeed
αἴρω, ἀρῶ, ἦρα, ἦρκα, ἦρμαι, ἤρθην I lift, (with reflexive pronoun) I get up;
ἀπέχω, ἀπεῖχον imperfect, ἀφέξω, ἀπέσχον I am distant, + gen. I am distant from, middle + gen. I abstain from
ἀφικνέομαι, ἀφίξομαι, ἀφικόμην, ἀφῖγμαι I arrive; + εἰς + acc. = I arrive at
γιγνώσκω, γνώσομαι, ἔγνων, ἔγνωκα, ἔγνωσμαι, ἐγνώσθην I get to know, I learn
δέω, δήσω, ἔδησα, δέδεκα, δέδεμαι, ἐδέθην I tie, I bind;
ἕπομαι, εἱπόμην imperfect, ἕψομαι, ἑσπόμην + dat. I follow;
κάθημαι, κατα + ἧμαι I sit; present and imperfect only.
οἶδα I know; perfect with present meaning
πλέω, πλεύσομαι, ἔπλευσα, πέπλευκα, I sail
τυγχάνω, τεύξομαι, ἔτυχον, τετύχηκα + gen. I hit, I hit upon, I get; + participle = I happen to be doing X
ἔγωγε I indeed! strong form of ἐγώ pronoun
σύν + dat with preposition
ἴσως perhaps adverb
ποῖ; to where? whither?
πρότερον formerly, before, earlier, first, adverb
πότερον ... ἤ whether ... or expression
σὺν θεοῖς god willing, with luck; expression
ἀκέομαι, ἀκοῦμαι, ἠκεσάμην, I heal
ἐπιτρέπω, ἐπιτρέψω, ἐπέτρεψα, ἐπιτέτροφα, ἐπιτέτραμμαι, ἐπετράπην I entrust X to Y (dat.)
θαρρέω I am confident
θάρρει Cheer up! Don't be afraid!
φρονέω I think; I am minded;
χρή it is necessary, ought, must; impersonal, imperfect, ἐχρῆν + infinitive, or acc. and infinitive
χρή σε παρασκευάζεσθαι it is necessary that you prepare yourself, you ought to/must prepare yourself
ὁ ἱκέτης, τοῦ ἱκέτου suppliant
ὁ νόμος, τοῦ νόμου law, custom;
τὸ τέμενος, τοῦ τεμένους sacred precinct
ὁ ὑπηρέτης, τοῦ ὑπηρέτου servant; attendant
ἡ ψυχή, τῆς ψυχῆς soul;
ἱερός, -ά, -όν holy, sacred;
καθαρός, -ά, -όν clean, pure;
ὅσιος, -α, -ον holy, pious;
κατά + acc. = down distributive = each, every, by, on, according to
ὀψέ late, too late; adverb
πως somehow, in any way; enclitic adverb
οὐ διὰ πολλοῦ not much later, soon;
γελάω, γελάσομαι, ἐγέλασα, ἐγελάσθην I laugh; present, future, aorist, perfect active, perfect middle, aorist passive / future
δίδωμι, ἐδίδουν, imperfect δώσω, ἔδωκα, δοῦναι, infinitive δούς, participle δός, imperative δέδωκα, δέδομαι, ἐδόθην, I give; present, future, aorist, perfect active, perfect middle, aorist passive / future
κινέω I move; regular
τίθημι, ἐτίθην, imperfect θήσω, ἔθηκα, θεῖναι, infinitive θείς, participle θές, imperative τέθηκα, ἐτέθην, I put, I place; present, future, aorist, perfect active, perfect middle, aorist passive / future
ἐπιτίθημι, I put X (acc) on Y (dat)
ὁ ὕπνος, τοῦ ὕπνου sleep;
ἡ χάρις, τῆς χάριτος, τὴν χάριν thanks, gratitude
δῆλος, -η -ον clear;
εὐμενής, -ές kindly;
σεμνός, -ή, -όν holy, august;
περί + gen, + acc about, concerning, around; around
ὑπέρ + gen + acc on behalf of, for, above; over, above;
δῆλόν ἐστιν it is clear;
χάριν ἀποδίδωμι + dat I give thanks to, I thank;
ἁμαρτάνω, ἁμαρτήσομαι, ἥμαρτον, ἡμάρτηκα, ἡμάρτημαι, ἡμαρτήθην + gen, I miss, I make a mistake, I am mistaken; present, future, aorist, perfect active, perfect middle, aorist passive / future
ἀνατίθημι, I set up, I dedicate;
ἐπιστρατεύω + dat, ἐπί + acc I march against, I attack;
κρατέω + gen I rule, I have power over, I control, I prevail;
παραδίδωμι I hand over, I give;
τρέχω, δραμοῦμαι, ἔδραμον, δεδράμηκα I run; present, future, aorist, perfect active, perfect middle, aorist passive / future
προστρέχω I run toward;
τολμάω I dare;
ἡ γηώμη, τῆς γνώμης opinion, judgment, intention;
ὁ ἐχθρός, τοῦ ἐχθροῦ enemy;
ἠ θυσία, τῆς θυσίας sacrifice;
τὸ κράτος, τοῦ κράτους power;
τὸ πρᾶγμα, τοῦ πράγματος matter, trouble;
τὰ χρήματα, τῶν χρημάτων things, goods, money;
ἐχθρός, -ά, -όν hateful, hostile; adj.
ὑγιής, -ές healthy
φιλαίτερος, -α, -ον φιλαίτατος, φίλτατος, -η, -ον dear, dearest; irregular comparative and superlatives
διά + gen, + acc through; because of;
ἐπί + dat, + acc at, for (of price $$); at, against, onto, upon;
ἡδέως sweetly, pleasantly, gladly; adv.
μᾶλλον more, rather;
μᾶλλον ἤ rather than;
οὔκουν certainly not;
πάλαι long ago;
πάλαι εἰσίν they have been for a long time now;
διότι because;
μέντοι certainly, however; expression
ὀρθῶς γιγνώσκω I am right; expression
πῶς ἔχει τὰ πράγματα; How are things? expression
τίνα γνώμην ἔχεις; What do you think? expression
ἑσθίω, ἔδομαι, ἔφαγον, ἐδήδοκα I eat;
ἵστημι, ἵστην, στήσω, ἔστησα, ἔστην, -κα- ἕστηκα, -θη- ἐστάθην I make X stand, I stop X, I am setting X up; I stood; I stand; I was set up;
ἀνίστημι I make X stand up; I raise X; I stand up; intransitive
νοστέω I return home;
συλλέγω, συλλέξω, συνέλεξα, συνείλοχα, συνείλεγμαι, συνελέγην I collect, I gather;
ἡ ἐλάα, τῆς ἐλάας olive, olive tree;
ὁ νόστος, τοῦ νόστου return (home)
τὸ πεδίον, τοῦ πεδίου plain
ἀγνοέω I do not know;
ἀναπαύομαι, ἀναπαύσομαι, ἀνεπαυσάμην, ἀναπέπαυμαι I rest;
ἀφίσταμαι, ἀποστήσομαι, ἀπέστην I stand away from; I revolt from;f
ἐντυγχάνω + dat. I meet;
καθίστημι, + εἰς + acc I set X up; I appoint X; I put X into a certain state; I am appointed; I am established, intransitive I get/fall into a certain state; I become
εἰς ἀπορίαν κατέστη he fell into perplexity, became perplexed
παραινέω, παραινέσω or παραινέσομαι, παρῄνεσα, παρῄνεκα, παρῄνημαι, παρῃνέθην + dat and infinitive I advise someone to do something;
σημαίνω, σημανῶ, ἐσήμηνα, σεσήμασμαι, ἐσημάνθην I signal, I sign, I show;
ὁ ποιμήν, τοῦ ποιμένος shepherd;
ἡ ὕλη, τῆς ὕλης woods, forest;
ὁ φόβος, τοῦ φόβου fear, panic;
ὁ ὦμος, τοῦ ὤμου shoulder;
βαθύς, -εῖα, -ύ deep
δεινός, -ή, -όν terrible; clever, skilled; + infinitive, clever at, skilled at;
ἔρημος, -ον deserted;
τραχύς, -εῖα, ύ rough;
ἥδιστα most sweetly, most pleasantly, most gladly;
ἀρέσκει, ἀρέσει, ἤρεσε, impersonal + dat. it is pleasing;
δείκνυμι, ἐδείκνυν, δείξω, ἔδειξα, δέδειχα, δέδειγμαι, ἐδείχθην I show;
καθοράω, κατόψομαι, κατεῖδον I look down on;
τὸ αἷμα, τοῦ αἵματος blood;
ὁ λέων, τοῦ λέοντος lion;
τὸ μέγεθος, τοῦ μεγέθους size;
τὸ τέκνον, τοῦ τέκνου child;
ὁ τόπος, τοῦ τόπου place;
ἀσφαλής, -ἐς safe;
λίθινος, -η, -ον of stone; made of stone;
ἐντός within, inside; adv. within, inside; prep. + gen.
ἄνω up, above; adv.
ἐξαίφνης suddenly; adv.
κάτω down, below; adv.
δήπου doubtless, surely; particle
αἱ Ἐρινύες, τῶν Ἐρινύων the Furies (avenging spirits)
αἱ Μυκῆναι, τῶν Μυκηνῶν Mycenae
δειπνέω I eat;
ἵημι, ἵει, ἱέναι, ἱείς, ἵην, ἥσω, ἧκα, ἕς, εἷναι, εἵς, εἷκα, εἷμαι, εἵθην, ἵεμαι, ἱέμην I let go, I release; I send, I throw; middle, imperfect = I hasten;
ἀφίημι, ἐφίημι, συνίημι I let go, I release, I send, I throw; I throw, + ἐπί + acc = I throw at; I understand;
κρύπτω, κρύψω, ἔκρυψα, κέκρυμμαι, ἐκρύφθην I hide;
λανθάνω, λήσω, ἔλαθον, λέληθα + acc. I escape someone's notice doing something = I do something without someone noticing; I escape the notice of someone;
oἰκτίρω, οἰκτιρῶ, ᾤκτιρα I pity;
παρέρχομαι I go past; I pass in, I enter; I come forward (to speak);
προέρχομαι I go forward; I advance;
ἡ ὀργή, τῆς ὀργῆς anger;
ἔνιοι, -αι, -α some; adj.
ἔξω outside; prep. + gen.
ἐπί + gen. toward, in the direction of; + dat. = at, (of price) for; + acc. = at, against, onto, upon;
μή not; (with infinitive)
πολύ far, by far;
τήμερον today
ἀγορεύω I speak, I say; I speak in the assembly;
ἀναγιγνώσκω ἀναγνώσομαι ἀνέγνων I read;
βουλεύω βουλεύσω ἐβούλευσα βεβούλευκα βεβούλευμαι ἐβουλεύθην I deliberate, I plan;
θύω θύσω ἔθυσα τέθυκα τέθυμαι ἐτύθην I sacrifice;
πολεμέω I make war, I go to war;
πρόκειμαι προκείσομαι + dat I lie before;
ψηφίζομαι ψηφιοῦμαι ἐψηφισάμην ἐψήφισμαι I vote;
ἡ ἀρχή τῆς ἀρχῆς beginning, rule, empire;
ἡ ἐκκλησία τῆς ἐκκλησίας assembly;
ὁ πρέσβυς τοῦ πρέσβεως οἱ πρέσβεις τῶν πρέσβεων old man, ambassador; pl = ambassadors
ὁ ῥήτωρ τοῦ ῥήτορος speaker, politician;
μύριοι, -αι, -α 10,000
μυρίοι, -αι, -α numberless, countless;
νέος, -α, -ον young, new;
ἕνεκα + preceding gen. for the sake of, because of;
ἐάν + subjunctive if;
ἵνα + subjunctive so that, in order to;
ἄρχω ἄρξω ἦρξα ἦργμαι ἤρχθην + gen I begin; + gen. = I rule;
ἐπιβουλεύω + dat I plot against;
νομίζω νομιῶ ἐνόμισα νενόμικα νενόμισμαι ἐνομίσθην I think;
πληρόω I fill;
προάγω I lead forward;
ἡ ἀνάγκη τῆς ἀνάγκης necessity;
ἡ δίκη τῆς δίκης custom, justice, right, lawsuit, penalty;
ἡ δύναμις τῆς δυνάμεως power, strength, forces;
ὁ ἰδιώτης τοῦ ἰδιώτου private person;
ἡ στρατιά τῆς στρατιᾶς army;
ἡ τιμή τῆς τιμῆς honor;
ὁ τρόπος τοῦ τρόπου manner, way;
ἡ χώρα τῆς χώρας land;
ἀδύνατος, -ον impossible;
δυνατός, -ή, -όν possible, capable;
ἑκάτερος, -α, -ον each (of two);
ὅμοιος, -α, -ον like; + dat.
τελευταῖος, -α, -ον last;
τοιόσδε, τοιάδε, τοιόνδε such (as the following);
τοιοῦτος, τοιαύτη, τοιοῦτο such;
χρόνιος, -α, -ον lengthy;
κατά +acc down; each, by, on, according to; at (of time)
ἰδία privately;
πεζῇ on foot;
ἀνάγκη ἐστίν it is necessary; expression.
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