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5 gr human body syst

5th grade human body systems

to bring oxygen and other nutrients to all cells circulatory system
keeps the blood flowing circulatory system
brings oxygen to the blood and takes carbon dioxide away respiratory system
changes food through a chemical action into substances the body can use digestive system
helps you to respond to the world around you nervous system
sends messages to the brain and body nervous system
works with skeletal system to help vertebrates move muscular system
provides shape and support to the body skeletal system
responsible for the rush of energy you feel when you are frightened for excited endocrine system
responsible for removing bodily waste excretory system
keeping the body's water balanced excretory system
basic structure of all living things cells
group of one or more specialized cells that perform the same function tissue
group of one or more tissues that work together to perform the same function organs
a group of interconected organs that perform related life functions organ systems
made up of more than one cell multicellular organisms
brain nervous system
nerves nervous system
heart circulatory system
lungs respiratory system
veins circulatory system
muscles muscular system
mouth digestive system
skull skeletal system
kidneys excretory system
glands endocrine system
capillaries circulatory system
diaphragm respiratory system
small intestines digestive system
spinal cord nervous system
bones skeletal system
bladder excretory system
arteries circulatory system
liver digestive system
tendons muscular system
joints skeletal system
nose respiratory system
alveoli respiratory system
stomach digestive system
cartilage skeletal system
bronchi respiratory system
ureters excretory system
pancreas digestive system
spinal column skeletal system
large intestines digestive systems
nasal passages respiratory system
esophagus digestive system
Created by: fhershey