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sec 7 final vocab

Stack #19664

structual adjustment program a prgram to reform the structure of an economy
desertification the loss of all vegetation
ancestor worship the belief that honoring and respecting one's ancestors will cause them to live on in the spirit world after death
coup the sudden overthrow of a ruler or government, often involving violent force or the threat of force
inland delta an area of lakes, creeks, and swamps away from the ocean
refugee a person who fless his/her country to escape invasion, oppression, or persecution
forage food for grazing animals
mercenary a person who works as a soldier purely for financial gain
deforestation the process of stripping the land of its trees
land locked almost or entirely surrounded by land
shifting agriculture a type of agriculture in which a site is prepared and used to grow crops for a year or two, at which point the farmer moves on to a new site
animism the religious belief that such things as the sky, rivers, and trees contain s a spirit, or soul
Created by: bjackson