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Places Aacchen-Flanders

town in western germany, probable birthplace of charlemagne and his northern capital, a place of great learning; sit of the signing of the treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle 1748, which ended the war of the austrian succession Aachen
field outside quebec, where 1759 the british under general wolfe defeated the french under general montcalm, establishing british supremacy in north america plains of abraham
town on the egyptian mediterranean coast, site of two major engagements of WW2; at the first (july 1942) general auchinlek checked an italian-german advance under rommel toward cairo; general montgomery led a successful allied counteroffensive el alamein
coal-rich industrial provinces of northern france annexed by germany in the franco-prussian war 1870-71; the object of French revanchism until restored to France by the Treaty of Verailles Alsace-Lorraine
town in the punjab, India, home of the sacred Sikh shrine, the Golden Temple; site of a massacre 1919 of Indian nationalists by the British army under general dyer, in which 393 Indians were killed and 1200 wounded Amristar Town
former region of france, part of the english crown lands 1154-1204 roughly corresponding with but slightly larger than the modern region of Maine-et-Loire Anjou
former duchy and kingdom of southwest France, a powerful medieval state; held as a vassal state of the French Crown by Henry 2 of england , but recovered by the french monarchy during the hundred years war Aquitaine
high wooded plain in southeast belgium, north luxembourg and north france; site of a german counterattack (december 1944) which began the battle of the bulge, won by the allies at a cost of 77,000 casualties Ardennes
city in bavaria, a great financial and commercial center in the 15th and 16th centuries; home of the Fugger banking famiy; site of the temporary truce gained in the 16th century wars of religion by the peace of __ and of the german defensive alliance Augsburg
town in south czechoslovakia, site of Napoleon's great victory over Russia and Austria at the so called battle of the three emperors Austerlitz
ancient ramparted city of southeast france, on the rhone, the papal residence during the Babylonian Captivity and home to antipopes during the Great Schism Avignon
Town in Crimea, now part of Sebastopol; site of the famous charge of the light brigade in the battle (October 1854) of the crimean war in which the british forces repulsed a russian assault on the base hear Balaklava
name for the southeast peninsula of europe, comprising Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, most of Yugoslavia, southeastern Romania and, under the Ottomans, Turkey-in Europe; continual source of national and international tensions in the 50 years before ww1 Balkans
name for four north african provinces of the ottoman empire; tripolitania, tunisia, algeria and morocco; famous for turkish piracy in the 17th and 18th centuries Barbary States
bay on the south coast of cuba where cuban exiles, supported by the u.s. landed in an abortive attempt (1961) to overthrow fidel castro Bay of Pigs
town in Israeli-occupied west bank, previously part of Jordan; considered to be the birthplace of Jesus and one of the great centers of religious pilgrimage Bethlehem
river rising in Wyoming and flowing into Montana, at the mouth of which a federal trading post was est. in 1807; site, at the junction of___ and the Little___, of the battle between sioux Indians and federal forces led by general custer Bighorn
village in Bavaria, just outside which anglo-austrian forces under the duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy defeated (1704) a franco-bavarian army in the war of the spanish succession;___ palace in in woodstock, oxfordshire Blenheim
medieval kingdom in the western part of modern Czechoslovakia of a largely Czech population; from the late 15th century dominated by the Hapsburgs and in 1627 robbed of its status as an independent kingdom and demoted to an imperial crown land austrohung Bohemia
village in the central european U.S.S.R., site of napoleon's indecisive victory over the russian army under general Kutuzov in a battle which resulted in more than 100,000 casualties Borodino
provinces of present-day yugoslavia, where peasant rebellion against ottoman rule in 1875 led to the russo-turkish war and the administration by the Austro-hungarian empireunder turkish sovereignty; annexed by AustriaHungary in 1908; site of a. of franzfe bosnia-hercegovina
narrow strait separating asia minor from europe, joining the black sea to the sea of marmara; Istanbul stands on the north shore Bosporus
city in Massachusetts, on the northeast coast, founded in 1630 as the center of the puritan massachusetts bay company; site of __tea party and Bunker Hill Boston
inlet on the east coast of Australia, just south of sydney, claimed for Great Britain by captain James Cook in 1770; not the site of the first british penal colony, which was Port Jackson, Sydney Botany Bay
small stream in northeast Virginia, site of two Civil War battles, the first being the opening engagement of the war, in which stonewall jackson resisted the union advance and the second also being a confederate victory; also called Manassas Bull Run
region of east France, a powerful duchy and kingdom in the middle ages, emerging in the 5th century and thereafter waxing and waning with constantly shifting boundaries; at its peak, in the late 14th and 15th centuries, it covered most of modern belgium Burgundy
city in west bengal, india founded c. 1690 by the british east india company; in 1856 captured by the nawab of Bengal, who killed most of the Company's garrison by imprisoning it in a small airless chamber known ast the black hole Calcutta
outside Jerusalem where jesus was crucified of uncertain location but traditionally placed inside the present church of the holy sepulcher; also call golgotha hebrew for "skull" Calvary Hill
presidential retreat in maryland, where in 1978 jimmy carter met menachem Begin of israel and anwar al-sadat of Egypt and achieved an historic agreement for the return of sinai to egypt and future talks on palestinian autonomy Camp David
city in kent, england the spiritual center of english christianity since st.augustine founded an abbey there (597) and became the first archbishop of___; thomas beckett murdered in the cathedral in 1170 canterbury
town in morocco site of the allied conference at which churchill and roosevelt agreed to demand the "unconditional surrender" of the Axis powers Casablanca
Ancient Kingdom of north-central spain, united with the kingdom of aragon under the strong central monarchy of isabella and her husband ferdinand Castile
in prince edward island, canada, site of the conference in 1864 between british and colonial officials that led to canadian confederation (1867) Charlottetown
town in the ukraine, 24 miles from the soviet nuclear power station, which exploded in april 1986, releasing vast amounts of radioactive material and forcing the evacuation of 135,000 residents in the area Chernobyl
town in massachusetts, site of the first battle of the american war of independence; colonial militia fired the opening shots across the___ river at british soldiers arriving to seize the colonial arsenal Concord
danish capital, site of teh famous battle of 1801 during the napoleonic wars, in which the british navy commanded by sir hyde parker and horation nelson destroyed the danish fleet; site also of british bombardment Copenhagen
stretch of ocean in the southwest pacific, where on may 4-8, 1942, in the first of a series of aircraft-carrier engagements, the u.s. successfully blocked Japan's intended advance toward australia coral sea
peninsula of the ukraine on the north coast of the black sea; taken ffrom the tatars by the ottoman turks in the late 15th century and annexed by catherine of russia in 1783; site of ___war between russia and britain turkey france and sardinia crimea
moor in northeast scotland, site in 1745 of the final battle which ended the jacobite rising under bonnie prince charlie; 1000 highlanders lost their lives and 1000 were take prisoner by the victorious army of george 2 culloden
town in bavaria site of the first concentration camp established by the nazis in 1933 and the model for the rest Dachau
syrian city, reputed to be the oldest permanent settlement in the world; on the road to___ saint paul was converted to christianity; he later escaped by being lowered outside the walls in a basket Damascus
baltic port at the mouth of the vistula, prussian from 1793 to 1919, polish since 1945; made a free city under league of nations administration by the treaty of versailles and connected by a short corridor to poland; solidarity movement began here Danzig (Gdansk)
strait linking the Aegean to the sea of marmara and separtating Asian from european turkey; of great strategic importance as russias water gateway to asia and the middle east; scene of two failed allied campaigns of 1915 to take control of black sea Dardanelles
small caribbean island off french guiana, site of an infamous french penal colony, chiefly for political prisoners; its most famous inmate was Alfred Dreyfus Devil's Island
former french army base in north vietnam, on the laos border; site of the battle of 1954 in which, after a 56-day seige, the french surrendered to the Viet Minh forces fo Ho Chi Minh, thus ending french presence in indochina Dien Bien Phu
village near washington dc, where a series of meetings (august-October 1944) attended by great britain, the us, china, and the ussr, laid down the basis for the united nations Dumbarton Oaks
french north sea port, site of the epic naval evacuation (may 26-June 4, 1940) of 300,000 alled troops cut off from a land retreat by german divisions; more than 850 boats took part Dunkirk
island off Tuscany in the Tyrrhenian Sea, where napolean was exiled from May 1814 to February 1815, before escaping and returning to france Elba
Spa in western Germany where, in 1870, bismarck drew up and dispatched the "__ telegram" deliberately misreporting an interview between the french amabassador and Kaiser Wilhelm to provoke war Ems
island group in the south atlantic, off argentina; a british crown colony, claimed by argentina and successfully defended against argentina in the ___War of 1981 Falkland Islands
region of northwest Europe, chiefly in Belgium, but extending into the netherlands and france enriched in the middle ages by the cloth industry; a major battle ground in WW1;battle in WW2 lasted from the german invasion of the low countries for three week Flanders
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