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Science PT

Stack #196529

hard outer layer of the earth {crust} lithosphere
the lithosphere is broken into large pieces called plates
what is cracked like an eggshell lithosphere
litho means rock
earth's rocky outer shell consists of broken pieces that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle
boundries between broken pieces of the lithospere or crust plates
there are _ major plates and _ minor plates 7 major and 13 minor
a dividing line boundary
the _________ between the plates are cracks in earth's crust boundries
according to thier explanation, known as the theory of plate tectonics, earth's plates move ever so slowly in _________ directions various
educated guess hypothesis
some clues have been found to prove the hypothesis theory
all clues have been proven to facts law
what three things do plates sometimes do pull away, push toward, or slde past eachother
plate ______ divide one plate from another boundries
how many main types of plate boundries are there 3
1 _______ boundary- slipping past Ex. San Andrea Fault transform
2 _______ boundary- pulling apart Ex. Mid Atlantic Ridge divergent
3 ______ boundary- colliding Ex. Himalayas convergent
the speed at which earth's _____ move is very slow indeed plates
some small plates can move as much as several ______ per year, whereas others move only a few _______ per year centimeters millimeters
speed = distance over time
distance = speed x time
in everday language, acceleration means? speeding up
the rate at which velocity changes aceleration
speed and direction of an object velocity
1 part or unit of a system component
what involves any change in speed or direction aceleration
in science, _______, refers to increasing speed, decreasing speed, or changing direction acceleration
_______ in which speed decreases is also considered accelerationin science motion
this change in speed is sometimes called deceleration, or _______ acceleration negative
an object can be accelerating even if its speed is _______ constant
the car will be accelerating if it follows _________ in the road or ___________ gentle curve changes lanes
many objects continuosly change direction without changing _______ speed
the simplest example of this type of motion is what circular motion
example of circular motion? mferris wheel and the moon
to determine the acceleration of an object, you must calculate the change in _____ during each unit of time velocity
acceleration = final velocity - initial velocityover time
begining or start of something initial
units of measure for _______ is determined by the length and time used Ex. meters and seconds = m/s2 kilometer and hours = km/h2 cm and seconds = cm/s2 acceleration
Created by: Breezy Breeze