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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking in Nursing Practice

Describe some characteristics of a critical thinker Open mindedness, continual inquiry, perseverance, combined willingness to look at each unique patient situation and determine which identified assumptions are try and relevant
Discuss the nurses responsibility in making clinical decisions You are accountable for your decisions and the outcome of your actions; you are responsible for recognizing when care is ineffective& knowing limits and scope of your practice
Differentiate among the nursing process, general critical thinking, and specific critical thinking Nursing process is the steps necessary to provide efficient care (5 steps); general critical thinking refers to scientific method, includes problem solving& decision making; specific critical thinking more geared towards determining patient health probs.
What are some skills and attitudes of critical thinking Confidence, thinking independently, fairness, responsibility, accountability, risk taking, creativity, curiosity, integrity, humility,
Discuss developing methods and attitudes of critical thinking Reflective journaling; meeting with colleagues; concept mapping (links together patient problems& care plans; learn organization, diverse info develops meaningful patters)
Created by: amandamarie194