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A clean slate Tabula rasa
A dear mother Alma mater
After death Post mortem
Among other things Inter alia
An indispensable condition Sine qua non
An unacceptable person persona non grata
Between equals Inter pares
Between ourselves Inter nos
Between themselves Inter se
Beyond one's legal authority Ultra vires
By individual, by head per capita
By virtue of one's office ex officio
Burden Onus
By virtue of the fact itself ipso facto
Concerning re
Entirely in toto
From the beginning ab initio
First among equals primus inter pares
Forever in perpetuum
From law, legal de iure
From the act de facto
From what is know a priori
Great work magnum opus
He/she painted it pinxit
In itself per se
In memory of in memoriam
in place in situ
in proportion pro rata
In series seriatim
It does not follow non sequitur
Let it stand stet
Never despair nil desperandum
Of its own kind (one of a kind) sui generis
One from many e puribus unum
One thing for another quid pro quo
Other I Alter ego
Other things being equal ceteris paribus
Permission for absence exeat
Red-handed in flagrante delicto
Said and done dictum factum
Secretly, in confidence sub rosa
Solid earth terra firma
Thus sic
to the point of causing nausea ad nauseam
Without a day (a specified date) Sine die
Without delay sine mora
Without limit ad infinitum
With reference to re
With the highest distinction summa cum laude
Yearly per annum
a few (words) pauca
and et
after post
afternoon, midday meridies
alas eheu
alive, living vivus
always semper
all omnis
among, between inter
approach adeo
arched roof camera
art ars
as, just as sicut
aspect, appearance facies
at, at the house of apud
auspicious, favourable faustus
bad malus
I am absent absum
before ante
beginning initium
beginning, origin principium
believe! crede
best optimus
beware cave
be aware caveat
beyond ultra
bird avis
blazing flagrans
blind caecus
body corpus
board, writing table tabul
brave fortis
bravely fortiter
buyer emptor
by, from ab
but sed
cautious cautus
I carry fero
city urbs
contempt, scorn contemptum
Continuous, perpetual perpetuus
I create, produce pario
i cut, strike caedo
day dies
deed, exploit factus
kindly almus
death mors
delay mora
devourer edax
dice alea
dog canis
ear auris
end, limit finis
endless infinitus
enough satis
entire totus
equal, like par
everywhere, from all sides undique
example exemplum
faith, trust fides
fate fatum
face, countenance vultus
familiarity familiaritas
fatherland, country patria
field ager
first primus
for nam
for a long time diu
former, previous prior
fortune, luck, chance fortuna
for the sake of, for the purpose of gratia
friend amicus
gift, donation donatio
god deus
godess dea
gold aurum
grain granum
great, large magnus
hand manus
happy felix
happy, blessed beatus
hard, though durus
haste festinatio
head (of person) caput
here hic
he comes venit
he conquers vincit
he envies invidet
he escapes/runs away fugit
he fears metuit
he gives dat
I have habeo
he is abe potest
he is born nascitur
he is made fit
he is wise sapit
he teaches docet
he watches vigilat
he writes scribit
highest summus
hour hora
house domus
how many quot
how? quomodo
human humanus
man homo
I ego
i am sum
i am here adsum
i call voco
i came veni
i care curo
i conquered vici
I choose eligo
I despair despero
I don't have careo
I drive, lead ago
I fear timeo
I found, build condo
I go out/am away exeo
I have habeo
I release libero
I saw vidi
I think cogito
I write scribo
I trust confido
in control of compos
incidentally, on the way obiter
indeed, certainly enim
intention propositum
it arises surgit
it lies latet
it is est
it is cast iacta est
it is sufficient for sufficit
jealousy invidia
judge iudex
kingdom regnum
knowledge, understanding scientia
lamb agnus
earth terra
law lex
law, justice ius
life vita
light lux
light, lamp, torch lumen
lizard lacerta
man vir
marvellous mirabilis
master, lord dominus
memory memoria
method modus
moon luna
omens omina
name nomen
never numquam
nothing nihil
now nunc
no one nemo
offence, wrong delictum
official duty officium
of himself sui
of the tongue linguae
of sin peccati
of things rerum
of words verborum
one, only unus
or aut
other of two alter
from ex
part pars
peace pax
person persona
pit fovea
place locus
poet poeta
poison venenum
positioned situs
public publicus
punishment, penalty poena
quickly cito
rare, few rarus
ready, prepared paratus
reason causa
reward praemium
rose rosa
salt sal
sea-sickness nausea
senate-house curia
sky, heavens caelum
seize carpe
silver, money argentum
silent tacitus
short brevis
snake anguis
slide, error lapsus
sometimes aliquando
something aliquid
something written scriptum
someone aliquis
some, other alius
soul, breast pectus
stop! siste
story fabula
strong firmus
still adhuc
sun sol
tax stipendium
tears lacrimae
therefore ergo
they laugh rident
they make faciunt
time tempus
then tum
then, next deinde
thing res
through, for the sake of per
thus, so ita
to agree consentire
to escape effugere
to, towards ad
to drink bibere
to err errare
to hold tenere
to play, to tease ludere
too much nimius
tomorrow cras
true, genuine verus
traveller viator
truth veritas
twice bis
under sub
virtue virtus
warm, hot calidus
watchful vigilans
water aqua
we nos
we salute salutamus
well bene
wife uxor
what quid
when quando
where ubi
why cur
wine vinum
with cum
without sine
words verba
work opus
years anni
year annus
you will be ibis
Monday dies lunae
Tuesday dies martis
Wednesday dies mercurii
Thursday dies iovis
Friday Dies veneris
Saturday dies saturni
Sunday Dies solis
one unus
2 duo
three tres
4 quattuor
5 quinque
6 sex
7 septem
8 octo
9 novem
10 decem
11 undecim
12 duodecim
13 tredecim
14 quattuordecim
15 quindecim
16 sedecim
17 septendecim
18 duodeviginti
19 undeviginti
20 viginti
A body without soul corpus sin pectore
After the fact ex post facto
a friend of the human race amicus humani generis
Always ready semper paratus
Always vigilant semper vigilans
An extraordinary year annus mirabilis
An auspicious day dies faustus
And you Brutus et tu Brute
Alas, the years flee swiftly away eheu, fugaces labuntur anni
A slip of the tongue lapsus linguae
A snake in the grass anguis in herba
Bad faith mala fides
Beware of the dog cave canem
Crocodile tears lacrimae simulates
Death is everywhere undique mors est
Don't speak ill of the dead de mortuis nil nisi bonum
Enough said satis verborum
Fools laugh at the Latin language rident stolidi verba Latina
For God and country Deo et patria
From the founding of the city ab urbe condita
Goodbye vale
Hail and farewell ave atque vale
Here lies hic iacet
Here and now hic et nunc
He is wise and watches sapiens qui vigilat
How many? quot?
I fear the Greeks bearing gifts timeo Danaos et dona ferentes
I ama a man homo sum
I don't have, I don't want, I don't acare nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo
I think therefore I am cogito ergo sum
I came, I saw, I conquered veni, vidi, vici
In generalities lie error in generalibus latet error
Knowledge is power nam et ipsa scientia potestas est
Love and peace amor et pax
My intention is to die in a tavern meum est propositum in tarberna mori
No one can escape death mortem effugere nemo potest
Now or never nunc aut numquam
Something bitter arises surgit amari aliquid
See and believe vede et crede
Speak of the devil lupus in fabula
Stop, traveller siste viator
The die is cast alea iacta est
The wages of sin is death stipendium peccati mors est
Time, the devourer of things tempus edax rerum
To drink poison from a golden cup bibere venenum in auro
To err is human errare humanum est
To hold a wolf by the ears tenere lupum auribus
To the end ad finem
Water of life aqua vitae
We who are about to die salute you morituri te salutamus
What now? quid nunc?
What is to be done? Quid faciendum?
With a graind of salt Cum grano salis
A delegate is not able to delegate delegatus non potest delegare
A poet is born, not made poeta nascitur, non fit
A true friend is a rare bird amicus verus rara avis
Actions speak louder than words facta non verba
All haste is of the devil omnis festinatio ex parte diaboli est
A friend is another self alter ego est amicus
A single light is sufficient in darkness sufficit unum lumen in tenebris
An old man is twice a boy senex bis puer
Art is long, life is short ars longa, vita brevis
Either death or victory aut mors aut victoria
Envy is blind caeca invidia est
Familiarity breeds contempt nimia familiaritas parit contemptum
Fortune is blind fortuna caeca est
He lives twice who lives well bis vivit qui bene vivit
He give twice who gives quickly bis dat qui cito dat
He who conquers himself conquers twice bis vincit qui se vincit
He who envies is lesser qui invidet minor est
He who is silent agrees qui tacet consentir vedetur
He who teachers, learns qui docet discit
He who writes reads twice qui scribit bis legit
In wine lies truth in vino veritas
It is not good to trifle with gods non est bonum ludere cum dies
Many hands make light work multae manus onus evious faciunt
Resolutely in action, gently in manner fortiter in re, suaviter in modo
Sieze the day carpe diem
the cautious wolf fears the trap cautus metuit foveam lupus
The face is the index of the soul vultus est index animi
There is something in omens omina sunt aliquid
Time flies tempus fugit
Time, reveals all thins tempus monia revelat
The hour flies hora fugit
Wise is he who says little vir sapit qui pauca loquitur
Virtue is the highest reards virtus praemium est optimum
A gift anticipating death donatio mortis causa
At first glance prima facie
A friend of the court amicus curiae
And wife et uxor
Before the courts sub iudice
Between the living inter vivos
burden of proof onus probandi
Buyer beware caveat emptor
For the public good pro bono publico
In the interests of ex parte
Guilty act actus reus
Guilty mind mens rea
Having made the changes needed mutatis mutandis
In open court in curia
In private in camera
in place of a parent in loco parentis
it is allowed licet
Manner of working modus operandi
Not of sound mind non compos mentis
Of sound mind compos mentis
Something said in passing obiter dictum
the law is hard, but it is the law dura lex, sed lex
The thing speaks for itself res ipsa loquitur
Under penalty sub poena
You can't give away what you don't have nemo dat quod non habet
You hay have the body habeas corpus
According to (sec.) secundum
Afternoon (PM) post meridiem
Before Christ (BC) ante Christum
Career (c.v.) curriculum vitae
For instance (e.g.) exempli gratia
Morning (AM) ante meridiem
Namely (viz.) videlicet
that is (i.e.) id est
In the year of our Lord (AD) anno Domini
on behalf of (pp) per pro
Rest in peace (RIP) requiescat in pace
Which is (q.e) quod est
Which was to be demonstrated (QED) quod erat demonstrandum
Written after (p.s.) post scriptum
And God said: Let there be light and there was light Dixitque Deus, fiat lux. Et facta est lux
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini
Blessed are the meek, for you the kingdom of God is yours beati pauperes, quia vestrum est regnum Dei
Deliver us from evil libera nos a malo
Do not leas us into temptation ne nos inducas in tentationem
Dust you are, dust you will be terra es, terra ibis
In the beginning God made earth and sky in principio creavit Deus caelum et terram
In God I trust in Domino confido
Lamb of god agnus Dei
Let there be light fiat lux
Many are called, but few chosen multi enim sunt vocati, pauci vero electi
So passes the glory of the world sic transit gloria mundi
Vanity of vanities and all is vanity vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas
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